Thursday, June 13, 2019

Stage III Final Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stage III Final Project - Essay ExampleThrough the pitying Resource Information schema (HRIS), current problems on recruitment, maintenance, development of human resources as well as complying with payroll and accounting requirements would be ultimately solved. The automatic data processing Workforce Now answers Castles Family Restaurants governance and management of HR needs. Through the system, any increases in future personnel requirements through additional employment or even through the establishment of new branches could be addressed with greater ease and accessibility. All personnel who would be need to handle the software system would be trained and oriented on its use, functionality and benefits for the brass. More importantly, the ADP Workforce Now would be designed to cater to the organizations distinct needs and would adhere to standards of privacy and confidentiality by instituting safety guards and software precautions. The ADP Workforce Now ensures that Castles Fa mily Restaurants HR needs would be maintained and guarded with utmost care to address the organizations utmost resources.Introduction The client, Castles Family Restaurant, operated and managed by Jay Morgan, is a micro family enterprise within the service classification of the food retail industry. With its eight restaurants within the North California area, managing and overseeing the human resource requirements of Castles was creating a toll on Mr. Morgan in terms of increasing transportation costs and the inclusion of payroll under his scope of responsibilities. A close rating and review of the current problem of Castles Family Restaurant that requires an installation of a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) under the Tactical Information System type. The ADP Workforce Now has been evaluated as the most appropriate HRIS vendor to serve the restaurants human resources needs. Company Review The Castles Family Restaurant (CFR) fall under the micro family enterprise due to t he number of employees, ranging from 300 to 400. As research from the Small barter Administration (SBA) reveals, the business size could be obdurate depending on any one of two factors the number of employees or the average annual receipts. For an average number of 500 employees, SBA classifies the business as a down in the mouth business (Small Business Administration, N.D.). Since CFRs average number of employees is less than 500, it is thereby categorized as a micro enterprise owned by a Castles family. Additional research indicated that the restaurant industry is a growing industry with trends indicating increased competition and a demand for rising sketch force (National Restaurant Association, 2011). One could deduce that to address increasing requirements for human resources, a more professionalized system needs to be set in place. Business Analysis The CFR maintains eight restaurants with complex human resources requirements. Mr. Morgan, the operations manager, is likewi se assuming the responsibilities of an HR manager with functions ranging from job description, acquisition, development, and maintenance. By doing so, various problems are eminent overburden with responsibilities increasing tendencies to neglect functions and being more costly in terms of transportation co

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