Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I had experience scary,haunted hotel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

I had experience scary,haunted hotel - Essay ExampleThe front desk was deserted, so I rang the gong and waited for someone to come and attend to me. I ended up waiting what seemed like a couple of hours tear down though in reality it was no more than two or three minutes. There was an eerie feel to the place. Part of me wanted to leave right then and there because I could reek that something was not quite right, unless I needed a hotel means and there were very few rooms available in this town during the engage holiday season. Eventually a man dressed in a suit came down the stairs and introduced himself to me as the manager of the place. Before I could even enquire about a room, he immediately told me that I could stay in the VIP room for a discounted rate. This seemed too good to be true, but I took him up on the offer right away. The manager asked me if I could follow him upstairs so he could show me to my room and I immediately did. While going up the stairs, I noticed da rk paintings on the walls of ghosts and skulls. An old man, probably one of the guests, came out of a room with a attend to of horror on his face. I stopped to see more of his facial expressions, but I was swept off my feet by a sudden reverse of wind from down the corridor. The manager turned around with a smug look on his face and showed me into my room. One drawback to this room was that the lights did not turn on. As a result, the room was a little darker than usual, but I was not complaining since I was getting a discount. At that moment, the manager left the room and told me that he would be downstairs if I needed anything.I closed the door and lay down on the bed for a few minutes so I could gather my breath. Before long I had fallen into a deep sleep. A few hours later I woke with a ravenous feeling in my stomach, so I got changed and headed out for a bite to eat. By this stage in was close to midnight, so I was not expecting for anyone else in the hotel

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