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CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT - Essay ExampleIn this paper macro level facts of France would be evaluated, the business socialisation in France would be analysed, the challenges that the manager might face would be identified and probable recommendation would be put forward, so that the assignment turns out to be successful for the company. Macro level facts about Paris, France France is considered as one of the most contemporary countries of the world. It has a very influential role in United realm Organisation. It is the largest country in Western Europe and has the 9th largest economy in Europe (CIA, 2013). Paris is the capital of France, which is situated in the north of France. It has a typical maritime climate, which is mainly because of the influence of North Atlantic current. As far as the overall climate of the city is concern, it is moderately wet and mild throughout the year. In summer, the days argon usually pleasant and warm, while winters are freezing. It rains throughou t the year in Paris. The city is managed by the municipality and the since 1834, a come out from the government and other disposal bodies. The population of Paris in 2010 was around 2.25 million, which obviously has increase by now (CIA, 2013). The wages are quite high in Paris and media income in the city in 2011 was approximately 25,000, which signifies that the standard of living of Paris is comparatively high. The higher(prenominal) income people are mostly found in the western part of the city. Paris is considered to be one of the economic centres and the wealthiest area of the country. The GDP of the country is $2.609 trillion in 2012. Majority of national income of the country is generated by the service vault of heaven (79.2 percent). The currency of France is Euro and CFP Franc (CIA, 2013). Majority of people are cut, but other ethnic groups such as North African, Latin, Indochinese, East Indian, Chinese, Amerindian, etc are also seen in France. french is the official l anguage and spoken throughout the country. The population of the country on 2013, 65,951,611, in which majority of the population, that is around 38.9 percent are between of age of 25 to 54 years (CIA, 2013). Value Description Hofstede Model In this segment, the French culture would be discussed with the help of Hofstede model, which will provide a view of the drivers of French culture. In addition to this, the Chinese culture would be simultaneously examined, so that a comparative analysis can be portrayed. The five elements of Hofstede model are a) power space, b) individuation, c) uncertainty avoidance, d) long term orientation and e) masculinity/ femininity. Figure 1 Hofstede Model Comparison between France and China Source (The Hofstede Centre, n. d.). Power distance Both France and China has a high power distance score, which signifies that in both societies inequality is accepted. However, in China the inequality in the society is higher as the score is 80 in comparison to France, whose score is 68. So the superiors have the priviledge, which in many cases are inaccessible for the inferior strata of the society. individualisticism The individualism score of France is 71, which means French prefer private and individual opinion and are more interested in taking care of themselves before their family. Individual recognition at

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