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Further option for chinas farmland reform(chinese translation included) :: essays research papers

Alternatives for Further Reform in China's Farmland System from "Report of a pilot concentrate on neediness, land surrender and country institutions", delivered by the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, People's Republic of China, as a team with the FAO Rural Development Division THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE in the arrangement of China's current rustic farmland framework fixates on vagueness in the meaning of land proprietorship rights. Notwithstanding specifications in the Constitution and Land Management Law, determining that country land is possessed by the aggregate, it is by and by hazy which of the "three levels of proprietorship'' in the group - People's Communes, creation units and creation gatherings - is alluded to. Besides, regardless of whether it had assigned the proprietorship to a specific level in the group, the issue would again rise up out of the absence of an away from of the group and its enrollment. Added to this vagueness in the responsibility for is the deficiency of the chief land property right, as the State has the power to discard the land, while the rancher involves the rental pay, bringing about a channel ashore income and challenges in land flow. Ãâ€"à Ã¢ ¹Ã£ ºÃ£ Ã£â€"Â'㠦⠵ã„ã…  ©Ã¢'㠥ã…  ©Ã£Å"㠯ãÅ"㠥㠏⠵⠵ã„⠽⠨㠁⠢ãâ€"à Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ¹Ã£ËœÃ¢ ¼Ã£ ¼Ã£Å¾Ã£Å¡Ã£Å"㠢ããšããšã Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¨Ã£'㠥ã‰ã Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ²Ã¢ »Ã£Æ'㠷ãˆâ ·[ã„⠣ã€ã ¢Ã£ Ã¢ ½Ã¢ ¿Ã£â€°]⠡⠣⠾⠡⠹ãÅ"㠏ãÅ"⠷⠨⠺㠍㠍㠁⠵ã˜â ¹Ã£Å"ã€ã ­Ã¢ ·Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£Å"㠵⠿㠮ãâ€" ¸Ã£Æ'㠷㠁ã‹ã…  ©Ã¢'㠥㠍㠁⠵ã˜ãšã‡â ¼Ã¢ ¯Ã£Å"㠥ã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£Ë†Ã¢ »Ã¢ ¶Ã£ ¸Ã£Ë†Ã£ ½Ã¢ ¸Ã£ ¶Ã£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ ²Ã£ £Ã¢'ãžâ ¡Ã¢ °Ã£Ë†Ã£â€¹Ã£Æ'㠱⠹⠫ã‰ã §Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£â€°Ã£ ºÃ¢ ²Ã£ ºÃ¢'㠳⠶ã⠣⠬ã‰ã ºÃ¢ ²Ã£ ºÃ£ Ã¢ ¡Ã¢ ¶Ã£Ã¢ ¡Ã¢ ±Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£â€" ¸Ã¢ ²Ã¢ ¢Ã¢ ²Ã¢ »Ã£Æ'㠷ãžã ºÃ¢ ¡Ã¢ £Ã¢'ã‹ã Ã£ ¢Ã¢ ¼Ã¢'ãšâ ¹Ã£â€¹Ã£ ¼Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¨Ã£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ £Ã¢ ©Ã¢ ±Ã¢ »Ã£â€" ¸Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ µÃ¢ ½Ã£ Ã£â€¹Ã£'⠻⠸㠶ãÅ"ã˜â ¶Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ ²Ã£ £Ã¢'ãžâ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ¼Ã¢ ¯Ã£Å"㠥⠣â ¬ ãã‰ããšâ ¼Ã¢ ¯Ã£Å"㠥⠼⠰ã†ã ¤Ã¢ ³Ã£â€°Ã£Ã¢ ±Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ±Ã£â€°Ã£â„¢Ã£Æ'㠷ãˆâ ·Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ·Ã¢ ¶Ã£Å¾Ã¢ §Ã¢ ½Ã£ §Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£Å¾Ã£Å¡Ã£Å"㠢⠻⠹ãšã‡â »Ã£ ¡Ã¢ ³Ã£ ¶Ã£ Ã£â€" ¡Ã¢ £Ã£Ã¢ ­Ã£Ã£ ²Ã£â€°Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ²Ã¢ »Ã£ Ã£ ªÃ£â€¢Ã£ »Ã£ Ã£Ã£'⠲⠼ãã‡â ¿Ã£ Ã£â€¹Ã£â€¢Ã£ ¢Ã£â€"Ãâ€" ²Ã¢ »Ã£Æ'㠷ãˆâ ·Ã£ Ã£Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ ±Ã£Ë†Ã£Ë†Ã£ §Ã¢ ¹Ã£ ºÃ¢ ¼Ã£'ã㠐ãˆâ ¨Ã£â€" ªÃ£Ë†Ã£Æ'㠍㠁⠵ã˜â £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ µÃ¢ «Ã£Å¡Ã£â€¡Ã£â€¦  ©Ã£Æ'㠱ã•â ¼Ã£Ã£ Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¨Ã£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ¢ ±Ã¢ »Ã¢ £Ã¢ ©Ã£â€"à ¢Ã£Ã£Æ'⠵ã„ãšã•ãˆã «Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ µÃ¢ ¼Ã£â€"Â㠁ã‹ã Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ£â€¹Ã¢ °Ã£Å¡Ã£â€¢Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ¿Ã£ Ã¢ ½Ã£Ã¿Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ£ Ã£ ·Ã£ Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£â‚¬Ã¢ §Ã£â€žÃ£'⠡â £ In this way, it is important to survey the entire procedure of changes in the farmland framework and locate the right purpose of flight for change. Truth be told, such issues as libertarian control of land, dispersed land the board, flimsiness in farmland agreements and absence of course or proficiency have all come about because of a questionable land possession. When the land proprietor is unmistakably characterized and the key property rights attested, at that point, the farmland's administration, deal, renting (counting ranchers' contracting of aggregate land and re-contracting of their contracted land), acquiring and removal as blessing - all these and different issues of the executives and course would be handily settled. Ã'㠲â'ã‹â £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ »Ã£ËœÃ¢ ¹Ã£â€¹Ã£â€¢Ã£ »Ã¢ ¸Ã£ ¶Ã£â€¦  ©Ã£Å"㠯ãÅ"㠥㠏⠵⠵ã„⠱㠤⠻⠯⠹㠽⠳ãÅ"⠺㠍ã•ã'⠵⠽ã'⠻⠸㠶⠸ã„⠸㠯⠵ã„ã•ã ½Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ·Ã¢ ³Ã£ ¶Ã¢ ·Ã¢ ¢Ã¢ µÃ£ £Ã£Å¡Ã£â€¡Ã¢ ºÃ£Å"⠱ã˜ã'⠪⠵ã„⠡⠣ãšã‚ãšâ µÃ£â€°Ã£ Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£â€¢Ã£ ¢Ã£ Ã¢ ©Ã£Å¾Ã£Å¡Ã£Å"㠢⠣⠬⠱ãˆãˆã §Ã£â€ Ã¢ ½Ã¢ ¾Ã£ ¹Ã¢ ·Ã£â€"Ã… à ¤Ã£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ ·Ã£â€"É⠢⠵ã„㠍㠁⠵ã˜â ¹Ã£Å"ã€ã ­Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ¢ ºÃ£ Ã£ Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ²Ã¢ »Ã£Å¾Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¨Ã£ Ã£Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£ Ã£ ·Ã£ Ã¢ ¨Ã£'ã⠼⠰㠐⠧ã„ãÅ"⠵ã„⠲⠻ãâ€"à £Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¼Ã£Å¡Ã£â€¡Ã£Ã£â€°Ã£'⠻⠸㠶ã„⠣⠺㠽⠲⠻ã‡ã ¥Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ ²Ã£ ºÃ£â€°Ã£ ºÃ¢ µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ¡Ã¢ £Ã£'⠻⠵⠩㠍㠁⠵ã˜ã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£â€¢Ã£Ã¿Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ·Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£â€ Ã£ ¤Ã£Ã¢ ­Ã£Ã£ ²Ã£â€°Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£â€¹Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ µÃ£Æ'⠵⠽ãˆâ ·Ã£Ë†Ã£ Ã¢ £Ã ¢ ¬Ã£Ë†Ã¢ »Ã¢ ºÃ£ ³Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬ Ã…  ©Ã£Å"㠯⠵ã„⠹ãÅ"ã€ã ­Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£â€šÃ£ ²Ã£â€šÃ£'⠣⠬ãâ€"à ¢Ã£ Ã£Å¾Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ °Ã£ ¼Ã£â‚¬Ã¢ ¨Ã£â€¦  ©Ã£Æ'㠱ã‡â ©Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ©Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£ Ã¢ ¬Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¡Ã¢ µÃ£Æ'⠼⠯ãÅ"㠥㠍㠁⠵ã˜â ºÃ£ Ã¢ ¸Ã¢'ã‡â ©[ãã™ã‡â ©Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£â€" ªÃ£â€¡Ã¢ ©]ã'ã'⠾⠭ã‡â ©Ã¢ ¹Ã£ ½Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£ Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£ Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£ËœÃ¢ £Ã¢ ©Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£'ã… Â'⠫⠺㠍â'⠦ã€ã ­Ã£Å¾Ã¢ ªÃ£Ã£ ¹Ã£Ã£ «Ã£Å¾Ã£ ¯ - Ë㠹ã㠐ã•ã ¢Ã£ Ã¢ ©Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£â€ Ã£ ¤Ã£â€¹Ã£ »Ã£'⠻㠐⠩⠹ãÅ"ã€ã ­Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£ Ã£ ·Ã£ Ã¢ ¨Ã£â€°Ã£ Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£Å¾Ã£Å¡Ã£Å"㠢⠽⠫⠻㠡ã⠭ãˆã Ã¢ ¶Ã£ ¸Ã¢ ½Ã£ ¢Ã¢ ¡Ã¢ £ Adhering to and consummating aggregate possession  ¼Ã£ ¡Ã¢ ³Ã£â€"à Ã£ ªÃ£â€°Ã£â€ Ã¢ ¼Ã¢ ¯Ã£Å"㠥ã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£â€"Æ Regarding the heading of future change in China's rustic farmland proprietorship, there have been questionable perspectives from scholastic circles and the agrarian part, both of whom have approached with various thoughts. These incorporate the nationalization of country farmland, change and improvement of the current aggregate responsibility for land, private responsibility for just as an arrangement of blended proprietorship. Ãâ€"à Ã£Ã£Å¡Ã£â€"à Ã¢ ¹Ã£ ºÃ£â€¦  ©Ã£Å"㠯ã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£Ë†Ã¢ ¨Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£Å¾Ã¢'ã€â'⠸ã„⠸㠯⠷⠽㠏㠲⠣⠬ã㠐ã€â'ãâ€"Ãã'⠧ãšã µÃ¢ ½Ã£ §Ã¢ µÃ£â€žÃ£Ã£ Ã£â€¢Ã£ ¹Ã£'㠩⠵ã„⠸㠷ãâ€"Ãâ€" ¼Ã£ »Ã¢ ½Ã£ ¢Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£â€¦  ©Ã£'⠵⠲⠿⠵ã„⠹ã›â µÃ£ £Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã£ Ã¢ ½Ã£â€¢Ã£Ã¿Ã¢ ¶Ã¢ ¼Ã¢'㠸ã€â'⠸㠷ãâ€"Ã⠲⠻㠍⠬⠵ã„㠐㠭⠶ã ã'㠢⠼㠻⠡⠣ã†ã ¤Ã£â€"à Ã¢ °Ã£ ¼Ã£â‚¬Ã¢ ¨Ã£â€¦  ©Ã¢'㠥㠍㠁⠵ã˜â µÃ£â€žÃ¢ ¹Ã£ ºÃ£Ã£ Ã¢ »Ã¢ ¯Ã¢ £Ã¢ ¬Ã¢ ¸Ã£â€žÃ¢ ¸Ã£ ¯Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã¢ ¸Ã£â€žÃ¢ ½Ã£ ¸Ã£ Ã£â€"Â'㠦⠵ã„ã…  ©Ã¢'㠥㠍㠁⠵ã˜â ¼Ã¢ ¯Ã£Å"㠥ã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£â€"Æ⠣⠬ã‹â ½Ã£Ë†Ã£â€¹Ã£â€¦  ©Ã£Å"㠯ã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£â€"Æ⠣⠬ã'ã⠼⠰ã'⠻ãâ€"Ãâ€" »Ã£ ¬Ã¢ ºÃ£ Ã£â€"Æã‹ã ¹Ã£Ã£ Ã£â€"Æ⠵ã„ãÅ"㠥㠏⠵⠡â £ In light of the qualities of China's rustic land assets and its kin land relationship, the bearing of change in the nation's provincial land framework ought to be the journey for a type of aggregate open possession portrayed by another relationship in property rights (under the precondition of the aggregate open responsibility for) to upgrade the clearness in the relationship of aggregate land property rights.

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Modern Tragic Hero Essay -- Character Analysis, Willy Loman

Demise of a Salesman, considered as Author Millers generally practiced and fruitful plays, includes the life of Willy Loman, a hallucinating sales rep with a bombastic arrangement to live the American dream. Thus to the awful occasions of Willy Loman’s life beginning with his father’s deserting, and finishing with his self destruction, Willy Loman never carries on with the existence he has consistently envisioned. Albeit, seemingly defamed as a sad saint, Willy Loman accomplishes the characteristics basic to acknowledge him as an unfortunate legend of current occasions. Regardless of whether Willy Loman is an appalling legend in Death of a Salesman’s has been a subject of discussion since the play’s first creation. Conventional Aristotelian view of a disaster affirms that an appalling legend must be of honorable drop by birth or soul (Nienhuis 2). In any case, Author Miller’s paper â€Å"Tragedy and the Common Man,† claims the Aristotelian view, and demands â€Å"the imperfection, or break in the character, is truly nothingâ€and need be nothing, however his innate reluctance to stay uninvolved even with what he imagines to be a test to his dignity.† Miller proclaims that in all catastrophes a legend mirrors an appalling blemish that need not come distinctly through respectable plunge yet through a battle to remain in one’s position. In right now, customary catastrophe neglects to bring out feelings dependent on an absence of direct involvement in saints of respectable position. In this manner, the positio n of a character â€Å"no longer raises our interests, nor our ideas of justice,† as it would have beforehand in light of the fact that we don't live in a period governed by lords and sovereigns (Miller, Tragedy, and the Common Man 3). Today feelings are evoked through the agony and enduring of the regular man on the grounds that as times change so do the people that individuals can relate to.... ... thought about woeful. By the by, Willy’s self destruction cuts the profound into the feelings causing a sentiment of misery for his sake since he energetically attempted to give an incredible life to his family and never could. In a last examination, Willy Loman comes up short, and doesn't fit Aristotle’s severe meaning of a shocking legend. Regardless of the antiquated meaning of a terrible saint, Willy Loman offers to our feelings, has a few grievous defects, and in part understands his wrongs. Hence, Willy Loman is a typical disastrous legend in right now. Times have radically changed since Aristotle, and it is the ideal opportunity for an adjustment in how a lamentable saint is seen. Arthur Miller gives ideal legitimization to a typical appalling saint he states, â€Å"I accept that the regular man is as able a subject for catastrophe in its most noteworthy sense as rulers were† (Miller, Tragedy, and the Common Man 3).

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Alpha Delta Phi

Alpha Delta Phi Two months ago, after spending ten disastrous minutes walking in the wrong direction, I saw Random Hall  for the first time. As I walked into my dorm, struggling with my luggage, I barely noticed the five-story structure just across the street, with balconies jutting outwards, bearing in white letters on a green backdrop, three Greek letters. *** A few weeks have passed since freshman orientation, turning it into this blur of free food, information sessions and friendship cultivation that lies buried under a mound of problem sets and midterms. However, each time Im thought-lost enough to tread memory lane, at least two events stand out in my mind. First: I remember being a speck among many one afternoon, staring across a crowded room at a woman who held a little remote control that was constantly directed at the large projected screen behind her. Every few seconds, the words on the screen would morph. Small shuffling sounds would ripple through the room as people rose. She would say something. People would sit. The words would morph again and the pattern would continue. The words were shifting statements, directed at us. If you identify as multi-racial If you identify as a child of a single-parent If you are first-generation If both your parents went to MIT If you intend to major in the humanities The statements spanned all spectrums of human life, from income to political identities, from cultural backgrounds to academic interests. People rose because they had seen statements they identified with. And across this wall of diversity, there was always a statement that reflected as true with a significant number of people. The sense that MIT was a microcosm of the world was enormous, and even in this diverse multitude, we saw gripping similarities. An overwhelming number of students rose to, “If you have fears about your ability to handle the workload” And just because of that, we all knew we would be fine. Second: a recent alum spoke about her experience when she had been coming into MIT, and the jarring effect the new and largely different atmosphere had struck on her. She concluded with: “And the most important thing I learnt to do was to adjust, rather than compromise.” Those words took hold of my mind. I wrote them down on a board in my room. They stuck. Shifting Mindsets Orientation was followed by Rush, a week-long event in which fraternities, sororities and Independent Living Groups tried to get the MIT community, primarily freshmen, to know them. Always on the lookout for free food, I hurried eagerly to the premiere event of Rushâ€"the “Kresge Kickoff”â€"and quickly found myself dealing with an armful of brochures, cards and cookies. “Seen any frat you like yet?” one of my friends asked. “Nope,” I replied. “Dont really plan to join any.” Prior to Rush, my entire idea of fraternities had been merrily supplied by a few American movies Id watched, pictures of wild, endless parties and great academic indifference. I didnt really think anyone in MIT would approach their academic work with indifference, but my overall mindset of a fraternity had solidified itself several years ago, and there was no arguing with it. If I wanted to have a college experience not defined in bulk by beer pongs and drunk friends, Id have to make sure I didnt join a frat. You can probably see this plots resolution even from a satellite orbiting Neptune. Six days later, I pledged to Alpha Delta Phi. What happened? Well, it should be straightforward, right? And it mostly is. While navigating the crowd at the Kresge Kickoff, I met two interesting people wearing green shirts with yellow symbols on the front and a phrase on the back: to be the best of men. One of them, Ryan Shepard, seemed to run on fusion energy and his cheerfulness was infectious. He told me about an ongoing lunch at ADPhi and, one Google Map search later, I was on the way there. Right now, the thought that a phase in my life devoid of ADPhi had existed seems strange. Its integrated so well into my ongoing college experience that heading to ADPhi for dinner takes the same fluid, unstructured effort as going to bed at night. There are a few reasons why. *** I remember staying up late at the ADPhi Library on the ground floor, drawing chromosome structures and trying to wrap my head around recombination frequency to complete a biology p-set. Several ideas seemed to conflict, suggesting my obvious lack of familiarity with the material. One of the ADPhi Brothers walked into the library, stood over my shoulder and watched me make biological blunders of probably illegal intensity. “Geez,” I mumbled to myself. “Is this even going to work?” “Thats kinda right,” he chimed in. Next thing I knew, he was re-explaining the tricky parts of chromosome cross-overs and allele configuration with enough patience and clarity for me to finally realize what Id been doing wrong. My battle with the p-set turned from a bloody warfare to a mildly stinging debacle. Theres an air of comfort in the frat that partly stems from knowing that the brothers there truly look out for you. They dont drag you out of p-sets and into wild parties every day of the week. They sit in their rooms and ask if you want to work on a p-set or play a quick game or go grocery shopping. They ask how your day went and how far youve gone on that one paper youve been saying youll start on for weeks. They merrily announce your goofiest goof-ups to any nearby brother while sticking their tongues out at you. Theres a sense of pride and responsibility that comes from sharing things with people, from looking out for and doing things with them. We take weekly or bi-weekly turns doing some form of house jobâ€"cleaning up after dinner or tidying up the lounges or securing the library books. The added responsibility is not really something we get from dormitories, and while it is in no way essential, you get meaning from just casually thinking about the purpose of those actions. For your brothers. And because no one likes to eat from a grimy plate. We know at least one thing that makes a story great: impeccable plotting that follows from well-constructed characters. Character diversity provides friction, an energy that defines how the characters behave in different situations. A great story that builds on the development of characters leaves you with this feeling of satisfaction, that things are beautifully running together, that characters that seem rather mismatched are able to connect well, that fragments of personalities blend to make a seamless patchwork quilt. This very strong sense of unity is something I see everyday at ADPhi. The Brothers here have reached a point of familiarity that makes their quirks and habits seem intuitive, and being able to blend into that kind of bond makes me happy. In high school, I worked on a handwritten science-fiction series called “Sagittarius”, and one of the elements of the series questioned the validity of something the characters called: “Sequences of the Cosmos”. Its a fairly philosophical question that basically says: “Given an abstract sequence which takes in as input, the singular world as it has existed from the beginning till this very instance, including the people that are part of it and their behaviors, will it produce a single output of the future?” The statement essentially reduces to an argument for or against freewill, and I was still trying to work out the kinks of this sequence when I saw an e-mail from a brother to the ADPhi House about a philosophical discussion on the nature of freewill and a deterministic universe. It was just one of those things people wanted to do for the fun of it, and I gratefully showed up, listened to the different arguments and mentally reconstructed my own sequence. A few nights ago, we sat outside on a patio in the chilly half-darkness and told scary stories. Stories about cackling old men and children-seeking ghosts, about rat-infested towns and congregations of spiders. It was during one of these stories that I realized that the fraternity had definitely become an absolute and effortless part of my life. A few times, for a few reasons, I had wondered why I had pledged, and if that commitment had been worth it, but the self-assurance that I had made the right decision was never far away. I joined ADPhi, because at the end of Rush Week, I had this feeling that I would fit in perfectly. You might want to chime up at this point with the old adage of our ability to fit in anywhere, but I definitely know that there are a few communities in MIT I wouldnt easily fit into. I also know that it was enough to just have spent Rush Week in ADPhi, playing Rock Band with brothers for long, late stretches of hours, battling with angry lobsters during dinner and having their innards splash all over my shirt, doing these different fun things with these different fun people. It had been enough to spend all that time there, and get that nearly clairvoyant sense that I would always want to be around these people, not just when I was having fun, but when I began grazing low rocks and hitting hard times. Rush had finally come to end. My roommate and I had received bids from ADPhi. I was trying to make sense of my thoughts when my roommate asked, “Are you going to pledge?” I thought of Rock Band and lobster and a few dozen smiling faces wearing shirts that said, “To be the Best of Men”. I thought of conversations and my growing ease and of what it would mean to not see these people again. Finally, I felt a glimmer of that obstinate mindset that frats would add no value to my college experience, and I understood that it was completely false. I had had immense fun with a lot of the events the ADPhi Brothers had put up, but what struck me about my ease came from the brothers themselvesâ€"the ones that would never stop talking about past antics, that were three seconds away from making an outrageously funny joke or a super-weird statement, that had spent a crazily long time talking to me about my interests and their hometowns. I didnt have to compromise my values to adjust my initial obstinate mindset. Adjust, dont compromise. “Yeah,” I replied, smiling a little, because I was lucky to have brothers I cared about, and brothers that cared about me. “Im going to.” Post Tagged #ADPhi

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The And Target Reduce Suicide Rates - 1431 Words

LHI and Target: Reduce suicide rates from 11.3 to 10.2 per 100,000 population Target Population: Montana residents 5-14 years old Determinants: Age group, sex, race/ethnicity, geographic location The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Vital Statistics reported that Suicide was the 10th leading of cause of death within the United States in 2013, accounting for approximately 41,149 deaths per year or 112 deaths per day (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). The CDC Division of Violence Prevention defines suicide as â€Å"death caused by self-directed injurious behavior with any intent to die as a result of the behavior† (CDC, 2015, pg. 1). Suicide rates have continued to rise each year since 2000, despite being identified as a leading health indicator in Healthy People 2010 (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.). Suicide rates are expressed by the number of suicide deaths that occur for every 100,000 in a population. In 2012, suicide rates increased to 12.3 per 100,000 compared to data from 2000, which reported 10.4 suicide deaths per 100,000. According t o records from 1999-2013, suicide rates in Montana have been consistently higher than the national average (Montana Vital Statistics, 2013). The current Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicator goal is to reduce the suicide rate from 11.3 to 10.2 suicide deaths per 100,000 population (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2015). Suicide is a national andShow MoreRelatedSuicidal Behaviors1421 Words   |  6 Pagesbehaviors often feel hopeless which contributes to these behaviors and can lead to suicide attempts or succession. Recognizing these behaviors can save someone’s life, being compassionate, empathetic, and proactive can greatly reduce an individual’s suicide behavior. The goal is to recognize these behaviors and get help for these individuals quickly. â€Å"In the past three decades, there has been a dramatic increase in rates of suicidal behavior, including suicidal thoughts, attempts, and death.† (BeautraisRead MoreUse Of No Suicide Contracts With Mentally Ill Patients1439 Words   |  6 Pagesof the evidence around the use of no-suicide contracts with mentally ill patients experiencing suicidal ideation. It will ask the question â€Å"When treating mentally ill patients, does the use of ‘No- Suicide contracts reduce suicide outcomes?†. Suicide is a global concern and given the current social and economic difficulties current society face, is imperative we continue to consider effective suicide prevention strategies. The literature suggests that no suicide contracts are widely used within thisRead MoreHealth Outcomes1611 Words   |  7 PagesSystem (YRBSS) presented below (See Appendix Table.1-2), both sets of data indicate the continued prevalence of youth violence. Evidence is accumulating that concludes those perpetrators of violent offenses have mental health issues at greater rates than the non-offending population. Therefore, the juvenile justice system is a logical point of intervention for these mental health issues (Ferguson, 2010). Early recognition of those mental health issues that predispose youth to violence could beRead MoreEssay On Military Veterans1027 Words   |  5 Pagesthe â€Å"disproportionate rate of suicide in the veteran population may be due to various risk factors†, including symptoms of PTSD and depression (p.100). Their study population was comprised of 545 military veterans who completed a Suicidal Behaviors Questionnaire indicating a link between higher PTSD related suicide and depression (p. 100). McKinney et al. (2017) found that â€Å"Depression, as well as other disorders, often serves as a mediator of the relation between PTSD and suicide risk† (p.101).    TheRead MoreUnderstanding The Link Between Gender Role Conflict, Resilience, And Victimization997 Words   |  4 PagesThis leads to the problem of suicide. Within the article Understanding the Link Between Gender Role Conflict, Resilience, and Propensity for Suicide in Adolescent and Emerging Adult Males, multiple authors focuses mainly on suicide rates in adolescent males. Suicide is a major contribution to death among people between the ages 10-24 with â€Å"28.5% of youth ages 10-24 feeling frequent sadness or hopelessness, 13% making a suicide plan, and 8.4% of youth attempting suicide† (Galligan et al. 202). ThisRead MoreThe Louisville Urban League980 Words   |  4 Pagesinitiative three years ago after a triple homicide had taken place. The effects of the homicide had long lasting effects on the children. The mayor decided to create a task force to reduce violence and that is when the Zones of Hope Initiative was born. Zones of Hope is â€Å"an organized, organic, g rassroots effort to reduce violence and provide hope.† The initiative is focused in five neighborhoods: California, Russell, Newburg, Parkland, and Shawnee. The way these neighborhoods are chosen are determinedRead MoreThe Hot Topic of the Decade: Gun Control1278 Words   |  6 Pagesoutlier in both high levels of gun possession and high rates of homicide compared to other industrialised countries. Homicides are much more likely to involve guns in the USA. In 2009, 67% of slaughters were committed with a gun compared to one-third in Canada. Although critics argue owning a gun can help to ensure our own safety, it is still harmful to society because most violent crimes are perpetrated with guns, the risk of death increases and suicides are higher with gun availability. First of allRead MoreModern Day Bullying And Its Effect On Education1415 Words   |  6 Pagessubjected to at various life stages. Despite the fact that bullying can affect and involve more than just students, it is most prevalent among the school age population. Unfortunately, this also means that there are deep rooted ties to violence and suicide amongst youth in America. There are many contributors to such behavior, some of which have only yet to be explored as we are at the forefront of what is considered to be the digital age. However, bullying is not a new age idea exclusive to the 21stRead MorePrevention And Intervention Strategies For Vietnam Veterans1701 Words   |  7 Pagesideation (Maguen et al, 2015). In a study performed with Vietnam veterans, â€Å"sixteen of nineteen suicide attempters (82%) had felt out of control as a result of excessive fear or rage during their tours of duty, including situations in which their anger led to their killing noncombatant civilians † (Hendin, 2014, p. 584). Prevention and Intervention Strategies Suicide among veterans is a national concern and suicide prevention is a priority for the VHA. In concern for the health and well-being of militaryRead MoreEffects Of Depression Among College Students847 Words   |  4 Pagestime on a college campus (Depression, NIMH). According to the Suicide Prevention Center, 7 - 8% of undergraduate students seriously considered suicide and 1-2% of students actually committed suicide (Suicide Prevention Resource Center). Depression was a common factor in all of these individuals (Suicide Prevention Resource Center). As seen by the statistics stated above, health behaviors that are necessary to target are depression and suicide in college students at the University of Maryland, College

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The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness Book Review

The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness is a book that teaches people how to respond to different kind of situations, it defines the real nature of human beings, how we feel and how we make our choices. The war Mr. Ness argues he portrays that there is no good nor bad deed, he impersonates Todd and Viola with characters of making hard decisions that might seam bad to others and good to other people at the same time. The characters are held between the hard choices to make with hash consequences to follow suit. The reader becomes personally involved for the loyalty and the mess that proceeds. President Prentiss is a dictator and who forces people to follow whatever he deems fit, for instance he captures Todd and Viola, and in fact tells Todd that he is the one who killed the Spackle. Mistress Coy on the other hand is portrayed as an activist who fights for the rights and also she is involved in bombing of the New Prentiss Town (the Speckle war; â€Å"The Answer†). Mayor Leger is kidnapped for doing nothing but he remains loyal to the President.   The president forms a counter intelligent group known as â€Å"The Question† to counter â€Å"The Answer†. Patrick the author displays the president as an inhuman person whereby he kills his own son David, even after the son struggles for his approval. The book is climaxes when Todd holds president Prentiss hostage in the same room where Todd had been held captive. This leaves readers in stitches as the villain becomes the victim. At last Viola and Lee who were on the verge of death are freed. Works Cited Ness, Patrick. The Ask and the Answer: Chaos Walking. New York: Walker Books, 2009.Print

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Romanticism Resource Page Free Essays

After reviewing the Romanticism resource page, list three characteristics of Romanticism. Also, identify three authors of the Romantic period. Using the Transcendentalism resource page, list three characteristics of Transcendentalism. We will write a custom essay sample on Romanticism Resource Page or any similar topic only for you Order Now How did Transcendentalists feel about nature? What did Transcendentalists feel about the inherent nature of human beings (were humans inherently good or evil)? Transcendentalists believe that individuals â€Å"transcend† by learning from and living in harmony with nature. Thoreau put this philosophy into practice by living alone in a cabin he built himself at Walden Pond for two years (1845 -1847). Thoreau’s experiences during this period provided him with the material for his masterwork Walden (1854). The quote below is from Walden. Describe two specific things Thoreau learned about life by translating the lines below in your own words: â€Å"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived†¦. I wanted to live deeply and suck out all the marrow of life. † (Walden) Which two great passive resistance leaders were influenced by the premise of Transcendentalism through the works of Thoreau and Emerson? Click on the following link to read Edgar Allan Poe’s â€Å"Annabel Lee† Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe After reviewing the Romanticism resource page and the poem, identify two characteristics of Romanticism found in this poem. Identify specific examples (lines) in the poem that represent each of the characteristics you have chosen. After identifying the lines, explain (in your own words) how the lines represent the characteristics of Romanticism. For example: line 3 â€Å"my love was a love† is an example of idealism because†¦ Using the links below, find one quote from Emerson and one from Thoreau that best exemplifies your definition of Transcendentalism. Be sure to include your explanation of why each of these quotes relates to your perception of Transcendentalism†¦ How to cite Romanticism Resource Page, Essay examples

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Marketing Law Selling and Advertising

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Law for Selling and Advertising. Answer: In this assignment, the key issues of marketing law related selling and advertising need to be discussed as the company has developed a program for the purpose of marketing a noble fitness programme in which latest gym equipment and personalized fitness training is offered to the Australian consumers in their homes. In this regard the law provides that when selling advertising their products or services of the company, the company should be aware of the relevant regulations in other to make sure that the consumers are not being misled by the company. For this purpose, the following list of regulations need to be considered by the company violated is conducting its marketing activities related with the fitness program that it is going to offer to the Australian consumers. The law provides that when the company is advertising or marketing its products or services, there are a number of regulations that need to be complied.[1] The first regulations are related misleading and deceptive conduct. In this regard the Australian Consumer Law[2] provides that by promoting its products or services, the company is required to make sure that any branding, statement or any other representation made by the company in this process is not false or misleading for the consumers.[3] In this regard, component pricing can be described as a situation where the company has displayed or advertise the price of a product or service in separate parts. An example in this regard can be given a where the single price of the car has been displayed by the company and the additional on road costs are mentioned separately. In this regard the law provides that if the company is using component pricing, it is required by the Australian consumer law that the company should also mention t he full price, inclusive of the additional costs prominently to the consumers. The law also prohibits bait advertising. In this context, bait advertising[4] can be described as the situation where the manufacturers or the supplier had advertised a product at a particular price but a reasonable supply of the product at such prices not available.[5] According to the law, bait advertising has been prohibited in the business of selling the product even after being aware of the fact that it cannot meet the expected demand. If any competition, promotion or lottery over a particular amount has been offered by the company, such offers above a certain amount may be regulated by a permit. The company is also required to note that it has to make sure that any statement related to the products and services of the company should be true and accurate and should be able to be substantiated. In this regard, fines have been prescribed for the businesses if they mislead the consumers. In this regard it also needs to be noted by the company that it is immaterial if the false or misleading statement has been made intentionally or otherwise by the company. Therefore it is illegal for the company to make statements if such statement is incorrect or it is likely to result in creating a false impression.[6] This includes the statements or the advertisements made in any media like radio, television, print or social media or if the statement has been made on the packaging of the product. It also includes any statement that has been made by a person who represents the business. Therefore, for example the company is required to make sure that it does not be any false or misleading clai ms regarding the quality, price, value or the benefits provided by the goods or services or any related warranty or guarantee. At the same time, the law also prohibits using false testimonials or "passing off". It also needs to be mentioned that when it is being examined if the conduct of the company is likely to mislead or deceive the consumers, in this regard it will be considered if the overall impression created by the statement of conduct was false or inaccurate.[7] The Australian Consumer Law is a part of the Competition and Consumer Act, 2010. This is a national law and is applicable throughout Australia. The result is that the same protections have been provided to the consumers and in the same way, the responsibilities and obligations of the businesses are also the same throughout Australia. This law has been introduced with a view to provide protection to consumers and also to ensure fair trading.[8] The ACL covers several key areas related with marketing and selling. This includes the misleading and deceptive conduct by the businesses. For this purpose, puffery, disclaimers and small print, silence, predictions and opinions are also covered by this legislation. The false and misleading representations include testimonials. At the same time, the ACL also provide certain consumer guarantees to the consumers. Therefore the effect of including these consumer guarantees in the ACL is that the parties cannot remove or restrict the application of these consumer guarantees. In the present case also, when the company is going to offer its fitness program which includes state of the art gym equipment as well as home based training for the consumers, the company is required to keep in mind the above mentioned legal issues. At the same time, the company should also be aware of bundling practices that are commonly used in the fitness industry and such knowledge should be sufficient for defusing any misleading nature of the advertisement. Similarly, the company is also required to make sure that the advertisements are not of the nature that the consumers only observe the dominant message or its general thrust.[9] Therefore, for example if the company is going to offer an attractive membership plan to the consumers, it is necessary that all parts of the plan should be given equal significance and in the same way, the cost and benefits of the individual parts need to be highlighted equally. Bibliography Amanda Bodger and Melissa Monks, (2010) Getting in the Red over Green: The Risks with Green Marketing 3(3) Journal of Sponsorship 284, 284 Carter, JW, Carter on Contracts (LexisNexis Butterworths, Australia Downes, J, The Australian Consumer Law (2011) 19 AJCCL 5 Finn, P, Unconscionable Conduct (1994) 8 JCL 37 Meagher, R P, Heydon, J D and Leeming, M J, Meagher Gummow and Lehanes Equity: Doctrines and Remedies (4th ed, LexisNexis Butterworths, Australia, 2002 Samuel, G, The Australian Consumer Law an ACCC perspective (2011) 19(1) AFCCL 27 Seddon, N C and Ellinghaus, M P, Cheshire and Fifoots Law of Contract (9th Australian edition, LexisNexis Butterworths, Australia, 2008) Legislation s29 Australian Consumer Law s35 Australian Consumer Law