Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Global Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Global Strategic Management - Essay ExampleThis article is a detailed overview of Coca- grass Companys spherical scheme. Doctor John Pemberton, a pharmacist, in Atlanta Georgia in 1886, invented Coca Cola Company. John Pemberton developed and concocted the coca cola formulae in his backyard of his home. He liaised with Frank Robinson, an excellent bookman, who helped to develop the word Coca Cola that is now used glob everyy as a logo to the partnership. The soft subscribe was first exchange to members of the public at Jacobss pharmacy in Atlanta Georgia on May 8, 1886. The brand continued to grow until 1905 when it was sold as a tonic, which contained extracts of cocaine as well as a caffeine rich cola nut. The company began its expansion plan beginning the mid-sixties when both small and big town dwellers enjoyed carbonated drinks at their local soda fountain counters (Coca Cola (a) Web). This served as a meeting place for all its drinkers. The company then developed a new tra de secret and formulae used to manufacture the drink on April 23, 1985. This new secret was code-named new cookie. This strategy has helped the company to penetrate to new, markets where it was not in existence before. The rate of consumption of the drink has greatly increased to a minimum consumption rate of iodine billion drinks per day (Coca Cola (b) Web). How the Company Global Strategy Operates Vision and Mission Statement In order to achieve the companys global strategy, the company had to renew their vision and mission statements, as well as their goals, aims, and objectives. The companys vision statement has been changed to To maintain our reputation as the star(p) Cola Company in the world. Moreover, the company has developed new mission statements to match with their global strategies. Their enduring mission of achieving their global strategies inspires the companys mission. Among the companys mission statement is to refresh the world, in body, mind, and spirit. To inspi re moments of optimism, and to create value and make a difference everywhere the company is engaged (Coca Cola Web). Responsibilities The company has developed responsibilities, which aims at achieving the global strategic goals of the company. These responsibilities include the following. One of their main responsibilities is to provide its customers with refreshing beverages, which includes soft drinks, water, energy drinks, juices, and tea. The company as well as aims at seeing that their products can be sold anywhere and are not age restricted which means that their responsibility is to sell their products in any motive in the day-to-day life (Coca Cola (a) Web). The company has distinguished coke as their signature product and has the most gross revenue of the one billion sales per day. The company is developing other strategies, which aims at boosting the sale of other soft drinks to reach the level of sale attained by coke. Another criteria used by the company is to use the most sophisticated equipment in developing their product in order to beat off competition from other companies such as Pepsi (Peng 7). The company also ensures that they process and make their products to ensure that they consumer is equally satisfied in consuming the last drink as compared to the first drink. The company also strives to ensure that the employees are equally treated and compensated and it practices fair trade in all

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