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Protrayal of Australian Landscape and Character

How has the Australian Landscape been used to portray and show the development of Australian Character? Refer to 2 Texts. As a person that calls Australia home, I have seen and heard many criticisms and descriptions of this land that were observed from foreigners. Although there are aspects that create the image of Australia such as the people and the natural fauna, the main and central idea that represents our home are her deadly and awe-inspiring environments and landscape. Australia’s character is built upon first impressions.As most people rely on their sight, their first impressions are from visual perspectives. The environment of which they arrive in or have experienced from media depend largely on what they see, thus making the Australian landscape of vital importance in creating the â€Å"Australian Character. † Due to the fact that we rely on sight, this also includes our limitless imagination; and the key to imaginations are words. Description, tone and the fe elings portrayed through words are the cause of imaginations and perceptions and because the iconic images of Australia are the landscapes we tend to include them in our portrayals.Written languages have been around for centuries, it is a way of communication and as informed so are images. The comparison for the development of Australia flows easily with words and is therefore usually portrayed in texts, other forms of literature and in songs. It goes into more depth. It is a detailed way to represent the character of Australia. There are many text examples, of which use the Australian landscape to portray the development of Australia such as poems like â€Å"My Country† and â€Å"The Fierce Country† and lyrics in the Advance Australian Fair.The poem â€Å"My Country† by Dorothea Mackellar is a famous Australian poem, well-known for the descriptions based upon Australia’s landscape. The poem contains many words related to landform such as â€Å"sweeping plains†, â€Å"ragged mountain ranges† and â€Å"wilful lavish land,† all in which have an adjective to accompany it. This creates allows us to imagine these depictions in the same perspective as the authors, which gives us a clear view to what she is talking about.The way Dorothea used symbolic words to describe Australia’s landscapes, helps us to grasp the concept of Australia’s character. A sample of this would include the contrasting effects in the verse: â€Å"I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – The wide brown land for me! † Here the words symbolise and infer many characteristics that may bring out feelings. There are many ways to interpret Australia’s character through this.For example, the â€Å"sunburnt† gives me the idea of being durable and tough as well as the c olour of red, the â€Å"land of sweeping plains† keeps me thinking of being broad/wide and productive as plains contain fertile soil and the â€Å"ragged mountains† produces the personality of being persistent and being able to stand her ground through many years. Additionally, â€Å"her far horizons† perceives calmness, the â€Å"jewel sea† shows that Australia is rich, valuable and holds substance still to be discovered and the contrast in the line â€Å"her beauty and her terror† indicates that she is diverse.By reading through this verse of the landscape, it overall gives Australia the characteristics of being strong, durable, dynamic, tenacious, relaxed and unique and therefore portraying Australia’s characteristics. Another poem is Douglas Stewart’s, â€Å"Fierce Country. † In this case, the uses of landscapes are used constantly through the poem, in a way forcing us to think about only landscapes throughout the whole thi ng. He uses many personifications such as â€Å"the sun glares down on the stones and the stones glare back†, â€Å"red stones leap with fire† and â€Å"where the mirage still watches with glittering eyes. This enables us to think of this country as a living organism, which gives us an easier way to create Australia’s character and personality. The use of landscapes mixed along with personification also assists our interpretation as we are human and have experienced or seen these personified actions before, hence strengthening the concept through the whole poem and is a way in which the Australian landscape has been used.

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Botox: Almost Trouble-Free New Faces

Botox: Almost Trouble-Free New Faces Synopsis The Botox case illustrates the accidental success of a product developed for an entirely different purpose. Originally, Botox was used in the treatment of crossed-eyes, but ophthalmologists quickly learned that it would also erase wrinkles and frown lines around eyes. It wasn’t long before doctors across the United States were using Botox for treating wrinkles even though Allergan could not promote the product for this use.The case discusses the advantages (fewer frown lines) and disadvantages and side effects (drooping eyelids and the need to repeat treatments) of Botox; explains what the product is; lists potential target markets; selling of the product at â€Å"Botox parties†; use of Botox treatments to attract customers to resorts; Allergan’s marketing of Botox once it was approved for cosmetic purposes and the use of Botox to support the new strategy of Allergan to become a major player in the pharmaceuticals ind ustry.It closes with the observation that the formula for Botox is one of the most closely guarded product secrets in the world—along with the formula for Coca-Cola. The case is especially useful for discussing added value and the creation of customer satisfaction.It raises questions about the difference between needs, wants, and demands; what constitutes value; is useful for illustrating the difference between a marketing oriented company (Allergan after Botox) rather than a non-marketing oriented company (Allergan before Botox); the potential benefits of marketing and raises questions about societal marketing (should Botox be promoted for cosmetic purposes? Should it be sold through parties? ) The case can also be used to illustrate relationships in the marketing paradigm—between Allergan and doctors, Allergan and final consumers and doctors, and final consumers.Allergan’s marketing efforts are two-pronged in order to successfully promote to both markets. It i s important for students to realize the pivotal role of the doctor in this purchase process in which consumers do not buy the product directly. Teaching Objectives 1. To illustrate the effect of publicity on product success. 2. To raise questions about the differences between needs, wants, and demands. 3. To challenge students to define added value and how it relates to consumer satisfaction. 4. To demonstrate the importance of target market selection (not just for women! ). . To illustrate the marketing of a pharmaceutical product and the importance of the doctor in the marketing process. 6. To illustrate consumer-oriented marketing. 7. To raise questions about the social impact of a marketing success such as Botox. 8. To illustrate the role that marketing plays in the development of company strategy. Answers to Discussion Questions 1. What are the needs, wants, and demands of consumers for Botox products in its dif- ferent treatment markets? What value does Botox deliver in each m arket? How does value affect the price for Botox?The use of Botox for ocular treatment illustrates a classic need. The consumer has a defect that needs treatment. When used for crossed-eyes, the product not only has strong physical properties, but social properties as well. Patients can see better, but they may also feel much better about themselves as their appearance improves. This can have a strong impact on their ego and social needs. Of course, this also illustrates wants. People with crossed eyes can still read and function. The want here is not that they will expire from lack of the drug, but that they want to look better and feel better about themselves.The value of this is undeniably high. What probably constitutes the major portion of the value are the social and ego wants. One can live without it, but does one want to? Because the value is high, the price can be high. But in this market, insurance reimbursements may operate to lower the price that consumers are willing to pay. After all, they don’t have to have the product. Although there is need, want is also high. Botox for cosmetic purposes is quite different. This situation illustrates want. We can all live with wrinkles, but we want to be rid of them. Want drives the purchase process.Given American’s obsession with appearance, the value of improving appearance would be very high. Again this value would primarily be ego (I look better) and social (others think I’m younger). And one would pay for it. As the case indicates the cost of Botox is quite high and unlikely to be covered by insurance companies for cosmetic purposes. The Botox example illustrates want and need are quite different and they affect value. Unfortunately many U. S. consumers place a higher value on ego and social wants than physical needs which accounts for the run-away success of Botox. . When Allergan sold Botox as a specialty drug for ocular problems, what marketing management orientation was it employi ng? When it sells Botox as a cosmetic treat- ment, is it employing the same or a different orientation? One could argue that Botox as a specialty drug for ocular problems illustrates the product concept. The focus of the company was on eye and skin treatments. Thus, it developed products within those categories and sold them on a product need basis to doctors. The success of Botox cosmetic has forced the company to become more marketing oriented.The company is now focusing on target markets and developed promotional efforts aimed at final consumers as well as promotion to doctors. The company has found a new use for an existing product that lies outside their tradition product focus. 3. When doctors treat patients with Botox in their office, is that an example of a selling concept or marketing concept? When they hold parties for patients in private homes? The answer to these questions depends on what the Botox is used for and the motivations of the doctors.When doctors are prescribi ng Botox for ocular problems, this would seem to be the marketing concept because they are focusing on the needs of the consumer. The same could be said for Botox cosmetic. Parties, however, seem to be different. Here the doctor’s motivation seems to be on selling a greater quantity of the product. That resembles the selling concept. This is not a focus on the needs of individual consumers as treating individual consumers in the office would be. The goal seems to be to increase revenues by cutting costs and serving multiple customers at once. . Apply the concepts of customer lifetime value and customer equity to Botox. How do doctors and Allergan improve the way they manage customer relationships? Because customers need an on-going series of treatments, Botox has the opportunity to provide lifetime value over and over. The value added will depend on how well Botox continues to work and aging consumers’ desire to appear young. The efficacy of Botox over time is a proble m for Allergan. At this point, no one knows how Botox treatments will work over a period of years. Will their effectiveness decrease?Are there side effects, unknown at this time, to continued use of Botox cosmetic? Eventually, consumers may be more willing to live with their wrinkles and/or tire of paying for Botox. One advantage that Allergan has is that many consumers may only recognize the Botox name with the result that loss of efficacy will not affect sales of other Allergan products. Consumers may be quite willing to buy other Allergan products even if they become disenchanted with Botox. The issue of efficacy affects equity. If the brand does not continue to work, it loses equity over time. Equity represents the brand’s share of the consumer.If Allergan built a strong corporate brand, it could have more equity with the consumer who buys a variety of Allergan products. On the other hand, having individual brands for various products avoids negative brand carryover. 5. H ow does Allergan connect with its customers (doctors)? How does it connect with final consumers? How does it connect with the world around it? What could it do to improve these connections? Doctors: Allergan has beefed up its sales force to increase promotion to doctors and developed clinics in which doctors are taught the appropriate use of Botox.Final Consumers: It has increased advertising to final consumers. Allergan has developed Web sites that target both doctors and consumers. This is especially the case for Botox. When one goes to the Botox Web site, one finds information for doctors (more technical information on the product and how to prescribe it) and information for final consumers including how to find a physician—especially important because final consumers cannot buy the product directly. The site for consumers shows results, give beauty tips, and is fairly interactive as consumers have the opportunity to participate in surveys and polls and view the results.Th e information is much less technical and much more oriented to appearance. Global: The Allergan Web site (www. allergan. com) first pops up asking the viewer to pick a country. Choices are France, the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada. Although the Internet is a major means of promotion for Allergan and Botox stimulating demand from both consumers and doctors, Allergan seems to be making a major push primarily in the more economically advanced countries around the globe. This is logical for a company that has only recently begun to grow.It is far from saturating global markets and would do well to deal initially with more affluent markets as many of its products are expensive. To improve its connections, it could develop Web sites for more countries and cross-sell more products. A logical product extension might be skin care products. At present, it is suggesting the use of various types of skin care products, but it would seem that a line of Botox skin pr oducts would sell very well. This could increase the equity of the brand and strengthen the relationship with the consumer. Teaching SuggestionsIn assigning this case, ask students to read it and to think about the societal issue. Should a company market a product such as Botox for what some consider a seemingly frivolous use? This should stimulate students to begin thinking about the value of the product and the impact extension marketing of it has on consumers. In class, begin the discussion by asking students what they knew about Botox before they read the case. This should illustrate the value of publicity and also the potential for misunderstanding the product and naturally leads to questions about the value of the product—what it consists of and how that affects satisfaction.You might follow the order of the questions at the end of the case. When you get to the last question, go to the Web sites (www. allergan. com and www. Botoxcosmetic. com). Work through the Web site and focus on the differences in the â€Å"pitches† to final consumers and doctors. This will provide plenty of opportunity to discuss the stimulation of wants, relationship with customers, etc. At the end of the discussion, you might ask students how they feel about the extension promotion of Botox. Should it be heavily promoted for cosmetic purposes?Is doing so good for society? The class might even be divided in those who favor heavily promoting Botox and those who don’t to debate the issue. It’s important to emphasize the needs and wants of consumers as part of a social system. There is always an opportunity cost to buying Botox. If consumers are spending so much on it, what are they not buying? Should this product be promoted to consumers with incomes of $50,000 as opposed to $150,000. What is the spillover impact on consumers with lower incomes? Would that be detrimental to such consumers? Society?

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Contributions of Modern Society

The place of worship in the middle Ages was a place where anyone, regardless of the class, could belong. The source of unity, it accomplished influences on art and architecture. As time began to change from the antique system of the Romanesque period, new standards of understanding independence began to take hold; the birth of Gothic. Here, the Church became a place where people became more acceptable; becoming the adequate place to observed such new ideals. The unique Gothic architecture characterized most in the great cathedrals of the 12th thru 14th Centuries in St. Denis, Notre Dame, Chartres, Salisbury, Durham, Amiens, and more. Most Gothic structures emphasize the vertical, drawing one's eyes upward toward the heavens with the awesomeness of God. These cathedrals built with ascending peaks, pointed arches and strengthening giving influences of cooperation and radiance. One of the main achievements of the 12th and 13th centuries was to determine the engineering expertise of the ridged vault, pointed arch and help to give a famous cathedral that is at once sophisticated than the ones before. Even though, the pointed arch could prove more powerful than its former, there was still an issue of finding a way to improve the large masonry ceiling vaults over large spans. In order to maintain the outward thrust of barrel vaults, vertical foundation walls have to be unusually clear and powerful. What makes possible the extended use of ridged vaulting and pointed arches to open and revitalize the walls and extent of the cathedral link above the aisle roof that extends from the upper nave wall, where the first thrust of the central dome is the greatest. The result is to add structural strength and solidity to the building. In today’s society, we can use some of the most well known influences and values without realizing where it came from or where it began. I think that the influences from architecture, art, and even religion. The influences of the middle age building structures can be established on how it molded our world today. The influences of the mastery of the architectures have helped many of the buildings that we have today, everything from the past help contribute our lives in modern society. As I look around at several buildings I know that I don’t see the gargoyles but looking at some of the Catholic churches and some of the other buildings that are well structured. Muhammad, considered the dominant prophet and founder of Islam, born in 570 A. D. forced to get a job to take care of himself at an early age. He was a driver and married his boss at the age of 25, to Khadija, by which he had only four daughters. The right word Islam means â€Å"submission†. The meaning behind the word submission is to the will of Allah, the one and only true God according to the Muslim faith. To be considered a Muslim one would have to be submitting themselves. The basic theme of Islam is extremely easy and straightforward: There could not be any other God but Allah, and Muhammad is the first Prophet of Allah. According to the Koran Islam teaches that there is one God Allah, the creator of the universe. Muhammad would be the one who taught his new followers that this God, Allah, is compassionate and just. He taught them that because being the spokesperson for Allah, he would be held accountable. Allah calls all people to believe in Him and worship Him. On the Last Day, all the dead would resurrect and either be reward go to paradise or be punished and go to hell. In today’s society Islam is one of the most well practiced religions besides Christianity in the United States. The Islam faith has grown over the years with millions of members around the entire word. The Koran reveals how a Muslim is suppose to live their lives. The religion shaped our society because many of the citizens here in the United States respect the faith of Islam and even have several Mosques build in many states. Although, Islam has been one of the most feared and perhaps misunderstood religions, there are many who have learned more about this religion. Islam celebrates Ramadan each year where Muslims pay homage to their faith. Buddhism is a belief that has gained 300 million people around the world. The word comes from ‘budhi', to awaken. Its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened (enlightened) at the age of 35. Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or ‘way of life'. It is a philosophy because philosophy ‘means love of wisdom' and the Buddhist path can be summed up as: to lead a moral life, to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and to develop wisdom and understanding. Siddhartha Gotama was born into a royal family in Lumbini, now located in Nepal, in 563 BC. At 29, he realized that wealth and luxury did not guarantee happiness, so he explored the different teachings religions and philosophies of the day, to find the key to human happiness. After six years of study and meditation he finally found ‘the middle path' and was enlightened. After enlightenment, the Buddha spent the rest of his life teaching the principles of Buddhism called the Dhamma, or Truth. Today Buddhism, help structure many lives by the disciplines, the Four Nobles Truth, and Karma, Recycle of Life. Buddhism explains a purpose to life, it explains apparent injustice and inequality around the world and it provides a code of practice or way of life that leads to true happiness. Life is suffering which includes pain, getting old, disease, and ultimately death. We also endure psychological suffering like loneliness frustration, fear, embarrassment, disappointment and anger. This is an irrefutable fact that cannot be denied. It is realistic rather than pessimistic because pessimism is expecting things to be bad. Instead, Buddhism explains how suffering can be avoided and how we can be truly happy.

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Do the research of Marketing(1000 words) and Financing(1250 words) Essay

Do the research of Marketing(1000 words) and Financing(1250 words) strategies - Essay Example The paper shall discuss important financial decisions that could help positively influence the company’s decisions. It is inevitable in the company. The company has branches in Asia, Europe and the USA. The Companies trade with each other, and they establish a price for transaction. According to financial experts, it is a method that tries to minimize the overall tax bill and increase the general profits. To remain competitive and compliant, the company must manage effectively the issue of transfer pricing. The finance section’s tax department has a comprehensive solution that helps in management of every step of transfer pricing step. The company should improve its software provisions because transfer pricing depends heavily on data. Good software will assist the parent company in the US to manage both the external and internal sources. It is a model that demands the company to finance its own operation using internally generated funds. Managers prefer this model because it reduces the risk of under investment, which could result to long-term debt problem. There are scenarios where the company does not have sufficient funds to run its internal operations. Such case will see the company issue debts to finance the operations. Using pecking order theory, the company will avoid financing its internal operations using the external equity capital, which could cause long-term debt. The company grants shares to the members of the public. In the US where the parent company operates, the government introduced Financial Accounting Standards Board. The board demands corporations to operate in restricted stock. It means the company has to value shares theoretically when granted. Literature reviews that concern finance indicates how there is no clear definition of increase in earnings and stock prices after aligning the interests of the employee and the employer in connection with share’s long-term effectiveness (Hinde &

VARK Questionaire Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

VARK Questionaire - Assignment Example Training would include putting concepts into various illustration formats so that the individual could see a pictorial representation of the subject matter. In opposite accord, the aural learner would best be assisted in comprehension by putting training material into the form of a lecture or using CD-ROM technology with auditory discussion of subject matter. This would allow the aural learner to focus more intently on the concept or lecture. For those with read/write as their preferred style, the training should include textbooks, notes and other various hand-outs that describe the learning concepts. This type of learner would benefit from having subject outlines written or certain lecture notes that have been properly paraphrased and put into documentation (Murphy, et al.). The kinesthetic learner prefers a more hands-on approach, a form of experiential learning. This is a learn-by-doing approach which could involve role playing in groups or developing hands-on science projects and experimentation to come up with a concept solution (Pashler, et al., 2009). make up only a marginal percentage of the national population (, n.d.). Establishing tactile learning without a multi-modal approach might only satisfy a small portion of the learning classroom based on this research data. Secondly, some learners, like this student with dual learning styles, might benefit from a multi-modal approach that blends visual with read/write aspects. This would likely be a better training method when the learning takes place in a group with a high population of learners trying to comprehend the same training concepts, such as a business organization. Many individuals maintain multi-modal learning talents and this should be recognized to ensure that a program maintains elements for multi-modal learners. This might require the trainer to have a competent background in dual learning approaches, or conducting pre-testing in the large classroom, to

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Teaching and Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Teaching and Learning - Essay Example In this respect, the holistic learning models are more comprehensive learning models, which recognizes that learning is not enough and cannot be effective, when it entails teaching only the mind (Conlan, Grabowski & Smith, 2003). The holistic learning models recognizes that the body, the spirit and the emotions play a vital role in determining the learning process of an individual, through playing the facilitative role of creating a favorable and enabling learning environment that connects the mind, the body and the emotions (Stewart, 2001). On the other hand, when the emotions and the spirit are ignored in the learning process, leaving only the body as the major learning component, these factors will influence the body negatively and thus hinder the mind from concentration and understanding, which are the two essential components of effective learning (Kilgore, 2001). Thus, under the holistic learning models, the guiding principle for effective learning has always been the philosophy that; if learners enjoy the learning and likes the complementary activities that are associated with the learning, they are likely to pay more attention to the learning process, and thus learn and understand better (Conlan, Grabowski & Smith, 2003). Further, the holistic learning models philosophy holds that if learners are motivated, they will work harder and better, which will give more positive results. Finally, the principle guiding the holistic learning models is the fact that, if learners can encode the information learnt more easily , they will be in a better position to recall it easily, and thus will be able to learn and understand better (Knowles, wanson & Holton, 2011). Therefore, to achieve the above three philosophies of effective learning, the holistic learning models has established six major factors that are essential for

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Death Penalty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Death Penalty - Essay Example Death penalties in previous times were charged for the theft, sedition and killing, etc. People of modern times raise questions against the execution of death penalties charged by the State as people think ethically there should be a thorough discussion based on evidences, rights and ethical values before such executions (Lee and Mooney). Since day one, the United States of America has been quite successful in controlling overall affects and consequences than any other country including Europe, etc. United States of America had set proper laws and regulations for the execution of death penalties for some of the identical crimes. People in the United States believe that the death penalty is not just a punishment for a single person but could equal to a proper torture for the entire family. Death is death, either killing or punishment so people raise issues and arguments. Therefore, Americans tend to choose death penalty as the last option for severe terrorists and criminals. Holding all other arguments constant, government does explain to people that some criminals are habitual of conducting severe crimes like murder or terrorism that it might not be feasible to let such criminals open as this way, they can commit more crimes in future. After the incident of nine eleven, the US has been stricter than ever before. In some ways, death penalties can not only prevent the citizens from dangerous habitual terrorists but can also be an example for other people to stay far of such

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Branded Spaces Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Branded Spaces - Essay Example ispensable tool for real estate firms and property owners who are now prospecting to let their property for a short period in the wake of an economy down town pending its recovery (, 2011). A pop-up shop is a temporary venue. For instance, the space can be used for merchandise activities while on the following day hold a cocktail party. The tendency entails popping-up one day or week, then vanishing the same duration later. These shops, although they are small and temporary, have the capacity to build up interest through consumer exposure. Pop-up shops enable a firm to create a unique environment that involves its consumers, and develops a sense of significance and interactivity (Smith, 2009). The retail environment of pop-up stores in most cases is highly experiential, transporting emotions in an event-oriented type of atmosphere. While pop-up stores can also serve as retail events to sell special offers, they often serve as retail avenues to present and introduce product innovations or even conduct market tests. As such, locations are usually in city centres, or the trendy neighbourhoods of big cities (Townsend, 2010). With the strategy of pop-up stores being the creation of a climate of scarcity, retailers try to build a higher willingness to pay among their customer because there no option for price comparison and offers are only available for short periods of time, which can increase desirability. In particular, temporary stores that sell special offers are consumption events for customers and their main objective is to get discounts. In some cases, pop-up stores of this type are used to give special offers to long-term, high value customers. In these events, the scarcity effect is reinforced as there is not only a temporary limitation of the offers but... Center of discussion in this paper is Vacant of Los Angeles as the first company that developed the idea of pop-up retail. This was after the company had toured Tokyo on a business trip. The company was puzzled by the manner in which customers would literally line up to buy limited edition products from place retailers. When the products were all sold out, an exercise that took place in a matter of hours, the store closed down until its owner had brought in another stock, and then reopen it. This concept fascinated Vacant, who though to closing the store permanently after the stock had been sold. The company also thought of moving to another targeted destination because customers used to travel for long distances in order to buy products from niche retailers. Vacant picked up this idea and even today, the company still provides retailing alongside marketing for businesses. The company opened its second shop in NYC2003 through the sponsorship of Dr. Martens. Later in the same year, So ng Airlines opened their pop-up shop in the same city. In 2004, Comme Des Garcons opened up a pop-up shop known as the Guerrilla Shop, which lasts for a one-year term. Since then, the trend of pop-up shops has grown to become an indispensable tool for real estate firms and property owners who are now prospecting to let their property for a short period in the wake of an economy down town pending its recovery. Although pop-ups began as a way of artists to make use of disused space in urban areas, this has since changed modern entrepreneurial activity.

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Kuwait Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Kuwait Women - Essay Example But, gradually, the authorities have noticed that the country with abundant human resources is facing workers' shortage in many strategic positions in the country. The government has invested a sizeable amount of money solely for the education of women in Kuwait. These initiatives had paved the way for the commencement of many developmental activities targeted towards women in the country. In the past there were stories about Kuwait women which had become hot news in the country's media. The same media is now reporting that Kuwait women are revolutionizing the role of women in the country's growth and prosperity. The recent years have proved that Kuwait has also some women leaders like that of other countries. In 2006, Vital Voices Global Partnership recognized seven Kuwaiti women at the Annual Leadership Awards as honor for their historic achievement. Their profile is briefed below: She is a professor of sociology and has been active in protecting the right of women in the country for 35 years. She is now trying to make the next generation Kuwaiti women and men to be more politically aware and active She is the first to forward request to the Parliament in 1971 of the women's political rights. She is the founder of Kuwaiti Women's federation, started an Arabic Magazine and first female Kuwaiti television director. She was recently honored by the National Council for Culture, Arts, , and Literature for a life time of achievement. Lulwa Al-Mulla She is the Secretary General of the Women's Cultural and Social Society. She led the efforts of Kuwaiti women to file a petition to the Kuwaiti Government seeking to attain the voting right. She had traveled throughout the world and has been maintaining good relations with many world leaders to find remedy for many conflicts Fatima Hussien Al-Essa Al-Qanaie She is one of the first Kuwaiti women to be educated outside the country and the first to work in Kuwait's Minster of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, she is a renowned writer and one of the top television and radio host. She has been known for her continuous efforts to bring marginal issues of Kuwait women to mainstream. Dr. Rola Dashti She is a women activist in Kuwait, fighting for gender equality and increased role of women in public life. She has been recently been listed as one of the fifty most powerful Arabs. She was the first women to declare her candidacy for the 2007 election in Kuwait. Ghada Al-Khalaf She is an MBA graduate from an International University, representing the future generation of Kuwait. She founded the Youth and Graduate Committee of Kuwait, an origination that works for augmenting the political awareness among the youth. Lulwa Abdelwhab Eassa Al-Qettami She is known as the mother of Women's Movement in Kuwait. She has served as the first Dean of a Women's College. She is famous for the controversial liberalization of women from wearing abaya in 1963. She was selected for her endless effort for Social Work and Volunteerism in the Arab world as the Arab Woman for the year 1987. Work Cited Fattah M. Hassan. 2006. First Time Out, Kuwaiti Women Become a Political Force. 23 November, 2008. Women Leaders of Kuwait. (n.d.).Vital Voices Global Partnership. 23 November, 2008

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Ethical Healthcare Issues Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ethical Healthcare Issues Paper - Essay Example These factors always yield ethical issues that question the ethical nature of the allocation method (Reiser, 2006). For instance, people are allocated organs just because they are wealthy and can pay for them. A medically needy person living far away from the donor may fail to receive the organ, which is given to a less needy person near the donor. Such ethical concerns clearly posit that there lacks an ethical approach for allocating transplant as some people are unfairly treated during the allocation process. In this regard, this paper evaluates the transplant allocation process using the four major ethical principles, including the principle of non- maleficence, justice, autonomy and beneficence. This determines the possibility of a more ethical way to allocate transplants. Autonomy The autonomy principle is highly employed in the healthcare sector. However, when it comes to determining the criteria for the transplant allocation process, it has minimal use. In fact, Reiser (2006) highlights that to be fair and effective, the allocation process should not be guided by the autonomy principle. Autonomy means deliberate self-determination or self-rule. The autonomy principle allows a person to make the decisions that one perceives to be morally right without third party interference. Although it is the basis of individual moral values, the principle cannot be employed in the allocation process. This is because in some cases, those allocating transplants may develop sympathy-driven emotional bonds with transplant recipients, such as those who have waited for long and the very young persons, including babies. If the principle of autonomy is applied by those allocating the organs, they are likely to act based on emotional pressure. Essentially, the allocators are more likely to allocate organs based on emotional bonds development rather than on any specific criteria or fairness. Hence, fairness or justice overrules autonomy in the allocation process to limit ethica l issues in the allocation process. Beneficence Beneficence directs that the allocators do not harm, promote the recipients welfare and do good. Nevertheless, how is this possible in allocating transplants, which are scarce resource?. Ideally, as Jensen (2011) indicates, it is difficult to avoid doing harm, doing good and promoting the welfare of the recipients when allocating transplants. Notably, allocating a kidney to a child based on age or other factors over an older woman who has stayed long in the waiting list or any other factor involves doing good to one patient and harming the other. It may be argued that focusing on the medically needy is doing good, avoiding harm and promoting the welfare of the recipients. However, other factors, such as the probability of success and being on the waiting list for too long still show that the allocation process may not avoid doing harm or promote recipients welfare. Ideally, it may become evident that a needy person with low or almost z ero success chances has been allocated a transplant over a less needy person who with high success rates. In this case, when the transplant fails, it will do no good. In fact, it may cause harm because the ‘less needy’ person may suffer unnecessarily because the transplant could have been successful on him or her. Categorically, although it is crucial to uphold the principle of beneficence in healthcare, it cannot help formulate an allocation process

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Womens Day Essay Example for Free

Womens Day Essay Have you ever given a thought that why is the International Women Day Celebrated for? No? No problem. Carry on reading as it’s going to get interested ahead. Do you know when the first International Women Day came into existence? Just 101 years before. You must be thinking why is that? So listen the women did not had the same right as nowadays. They were majorly being a victim of violence, they were the main victim of poverty and lack of education, and they had no rights at all, not even a right to vote can you imagine that? The women were considered as a minority in every aspect of life than men. Don’t you think that was wrong? You’re 100% correct. These thoughts became the main reason for Women to fight for their rights when they worked as team to battle for their journey towards equality between both genders. Where did I go on International Women Day? 8th March is the official date to celebrate this interesting day all around different nations so how come you can even imagine me sitting home and watching t.v. As a young Women myself I attended an inspiring seminar on 8th March 2013 (International Women’s Day) at Olswang, London. The building was really a beautiful piece of art though they didn’t allow us to take a photo inside (Bad luck). We were given an ID badge as security purposes and we followed staff towards the meeting room with seated brilliant and successful women who looked superb as well and not to forget few men were seated there as well. Until now you may be thinking now it’s going to be boring right? Not really! What was exciting about the day? It wasn’t really a meeting or a lecture. We started with a mouth-watering variety of snacks and drinks and sat on our assigned seats with other college and school students. To give a side kick to the formality among the group members they assigned each table with a challenge of building the highest tower with the marshmallows and the bamboo sticks. My team mates started with bursting energy by pouring drink on the table. We didn’t won but had fun in it. The Guest speakers that came there were all very talented and they shared their golden experience of life and the hard works that they went though to become successful but the good thing is that they all were very happy and satisfied in their lives. They all belong to different fields i.e. police, doctor, media, recruitment sector, banking and much more. There words and the way they presented it was very motivational and it gave me a power to go beyond the limits, touch the sky and make the best of both world. That’s how this beautiful day ended up with some open chat with each other on a cuppa and cookies. We also got goodie bags specially selected for Women. Always Remember in Mind: There isn’t any minority or majority as in gender if you don’t agree then sorry to say but you need to fix those lose screws pal. There isn’t anything that the Women can’t do. You just have to learn to find your inner potential and need to trust in yourself because you are the world for yourself.

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Mother To Son Essay Example for Free

Mother To Son Essay The author, Langston Husthes, vividly showed how the African-Americans struggled and managed to live. The efforts they made to change and how much they changed their appearances were very evident in the three poems, â€Å"I am too†, â€Å"Mother to Son†, and â€Å"Negro†. The writer started the poem using a conversational tone, which easily showed its viewers that he was talking to somebody. In his poem, â€Å"Mother To Son†, the author told the story of how the African-Americans struggled to survive the harsh realities of living in a society dominated by the white people. The text included: â€Å"Life for me aint been no crystal stair. Its had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor Bare. † This specific part of the poem showed how much the African-Americans suffered from living in a society dominated by white people. The author used a lot of metaphors in the poem to illustrate his points. The â€Å"crystal stair† mentioned in the poem, contained several meanings. The crystal may be considered to be attractive, but very fragile. The use of the crystal in the poem was somehow successful in connecting a creative story with that of reality-that the crystal stair may be used as a symbol for the way of living white people had. The poem was also told from a mothers point of view. From the text, it can be perceived that the mother was a slave at the white house, serving white people. The reader is given contrasting images of how the African-Americans suffered, while the white and rich Americans ruled over society. Throughout the entire poem, the mother tried to show the readers the uneven treatment given to both races. Words, such as â€Å"and† were repeatedly used to emphasize the hardships endured during that time. The line, â€Å"And places with no carpet on the floor –Bare,† was also used to demonstrate how the white people unfairly treated the black people.

Modeling and of Diatom Mud in Residential Space

Modeling and of Diatom Mud in Residential Space Modeling and of Diatom Mud in Residential Space and the Application Scenario Research Keywords: diatom mud, living environment, living space, modeling, application.       Abstract. Our original ecological diatom mud qualities as a starting point for research, analyzes peoples consumption concept, aesthetics, environmental protection awareness. This article describes the basics and the origin of diatom mud, diatom mud analyzes the features, functions and defects, the diatom mud paint and wallpaper were compared to explain the process and the market situation diatom mud, silicon Prospects algae mud were discussed. Through analysis of this environmentally friendly decorative paint diatom mud, summed diatom mud there are some problems in the conventional construction; through research and exploration of the diatom mud module series is proposed in the form of modules forming diatom mud can serialization assembly decorative product design concept. Introduction In recent years, the impact of interior decoration materials on air quality is being noticed. In addition to aesthetic and practical decorative effect, environmental health functions become an important selection of decorative materials reference index and energy saving, healthy and comfortable interior decoration materials products gradually become the main tendency of the building materials industry. Diatom mud decorative wall material of the unique features of multiple environmental health to become the new darling of decorative building materials market, a unique decorative effect has gained more and more users of all ages. Paints and coatings include diatoms diatom mud. Diatoms paint is added to a conventional latex or oil paint in a certain percentage of diatomaceous earth to impart regulate humidity, absorption of harmful gases to improve adhesion and abrasion resistance more features and so on. Diatom mud is diatomaceous earth as the main raw material, adding a variety of additives made of powder coatings. Diatom mud is China in recent years, emerging as a functional interior decoration environmentally friendly materials, with humidity control, air purification, fire retardant, acoustic noise reduction, thermal insulation and protection of eyesight, self-cleaning walls and other features. Diatom mud is not only versatile, but also can make a variety of color texture, rich styling, style, complete, so the diatom mud introduced into China just a few years it has developed rapidly, the majority of customers and recognition. Diatom mud is a new natural green paint, latex paint and wallpaper to substitute for villas, hotels, homes, apartments, hospitals and other interior decoration. Since the water resistance is poor, not much current is applied to the external walls. Diatomaceous earth from fossil marine diatom algae plants formed after millions of years, the main component of opal and its variants, followed by clay minerals. Diatomite prominent molecular lattice structure determines its unique features, it has a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties, after finishing widely used functional coatings, pharmaceutical aid, food additives, nuclear radiation adsorbents and other fields. Diatomaceous earth is a siliceous sedimentary rock, mainly in China, the US, Denmark, France, the former Soviet Union, Romania and other countries. Figure.1 Diatomite SEM photograph The Proposed Methodology Diatom mud decorative wall material.Diatom mud is mainly composed of inorganic cementitious materials, diatom functional fillers, pigments and other auxiliary materials. Currently diatom mud wall decoration materials market mainly dry powder coating material was stirred when such products into similar construction of water sludge, referred to as diatom mud. and more to scratch, wiping construction methods, mainly by its functional features added fillers decision. Diatomite features.The main function of the material as diatomaceous earth is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock, the ocean or lake grown diatoms creatures underwater debris deposited by a non-metallic mineral natural environment and evolving role. The main component of diatomaceous earth is amorphous SiO2, followed by minerals, but also contains some organic matter. SiO2 content is one of the diatoms content measurement flag diatomite ore. Diatomaceous earth because of its unique structural features and a delicate, loose, light, porous, absorbent and strong penetration properties and diatomaceous earth and the physical characteristics of both the chemical composition, but also with algae are composed of mineralization environmental conditions and directly affect the diatomite applications. These properties include the color, physical properties, specific gravity, bulk density, melting point, particle size, pore size, and some applications also need to consider the specific surface area and porosity. Since diatomite unique porous structure and excellent absorption properties, making diatom mud decorative wall material combines the unique features of environmental health. It features diatom mud decorative wall material.Diatom mud decorative wall material is the use of diatomaceous earth having a delicate, loose, light, porous, absorbent and permeability and other characteristics, with the traditional interior decoration materials combined to produce both decorative effect and environmental health function decorative building materials. Diatom mud has the following characteristics. The humidity performance. After the film-forming diatom mud coating the interior has a porous structure, when the indoor air relative humidity is too high, the air vapor pressure above the saturation vapor pressure of diatoms wall material surface hole concave surface water on this when water vapor is adsorbed, the desorption and vice. By water vapor absorption, release, effectively regulate the indoor air relative humidity values, so that control in the appropriate range of human health, improve indoor air quality, good living environment. Purifying air. Purification function is also porous channel structure is based on the adsorption of free capture odor molecules in the air, formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds and a variety of substances. Add the appropriate preparation process purification materials, odor molecules adsorbed molecules rapid decomposition of harmful substances, and thus achieve the purpose of purifying the elimination of hazardous substances, keep indoor air fresh and clean. Diatom mud has a unique molecular sieves structure, not only can absorb moisture in the air can be effectively adsorbed in the air free of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful chemical substances and odors from smoking, garbage, pet excretion produced thereby to purify indoor air purposes. This is similar to the physical adsorption of activated carbon, but also has the effect of chemical decomposition. Physical adsorption diatom mud is a quick process, but a slow chemical decomposition. Specific reaction process i s as follows: 2HCHO + O2 = 2HCOOH 2HCOOH + O2 = 2C O2 ↑ + 2H2O C O2 + H2O + Ca2 + = CaCO 3 ↓ + 2H + 2HCOOH + Ca2 + = Ca (HCOO) 2 + 2H + Ca (HCOO) 2 + O2 = CaCO3 ↓ + H2O + CO2 ↑ Anti-condensation. Indoor relative humidity stays high, the construction of the wall is easy to produce condensation, having a high level of humidity performance diatom mud decorative wall material can be efficiently adsorbed water vapor molecules and water molecules inside a high capacity reservoir to remove the accumulated surface excessive water vapor molecules to prevent surface condensation. Antibacterial and anti-fungal. Diatom mud decorative wall material can effectively absorb water vapor adhering to the surface, eliminating mold, bacteria growth environment from the source, in addition to effectively suppress and destroy the growth of mold. Some diatom mud products tend to add a certain amount of antimicrobial agent, in order to achieve efficient antibacterial effect sterilization. Protect eyesight. Diatom mud porous surface, which will help generate diffuse, effectively reduce the refractive index of the light, so soft colors. Diatom mud coating the room, the walls reflects light naturally soft, not easy to cause visual fatigue, can effectively protect the eyesight, especially for the protection of eyesight effect is remarkable. The paint surface is flat as a mirror, tend to have higher gloss, refractive index of light is strong, so sharp colors, easily lead to visual fatigue, damage eyesight. Acoustic noise reduction. Diatom mud itself porous, with strong noise reduction function, can effectively absorb harmful high frequency sound segments, and low frequency noise attenuation. Its effectiveness is equivalent to the same thickness of the stone or cement mortar 2 to 3 times. At the same time can be reduced nearly 50% of the reverberation time, significantly reduce the noise on the human body, it is also more suitable for diatom mud railway station and residents near the plant and the use of mechanical units, diatom mud will create a restful nights sleep or working environment. Self-cleaning walls. Diatom mud is mainly composed of an inorganic material SiO2, does not produce static electricity, dust easily attached to the surface. Even among texture or pattern fall into the dust, it is very easy to remove with a feather duster, for hand writing footprints and can be erased with a rubber lightly, as the new permanent wall. Design animated image.In the early development of Chinas animation industry, folk art is widely applied to the design of the animated image, and achieved good results. Folk art in China has a very long history, from the Dunhuang murals to the Han Dynasty brick, paper cutting from northern Shaanxi to Tianjin clay figurines, paintings from Weifang to Shengzhou Shaoxing opera, are forms of folk art. In addition, the design of the characters also has a very rich experience, these design experience and skills for animated image designs, has a very good reference guide, which is the most typical drama. Theatre is one of the widely popular folk art form of folk art in terms compared to other, more emphasis on characters design, which is the most typical mask and clothing. Building materials and technical requirements.Diatom mud technical characteristics of the product, this standard provides technical requirements diatom mud decorative wall material includes a total of three parts, namely, the general technical requirements, functional requirements and technical requirements of harmful substances. General technical requirements which include nine state indicators, workability, appearance of the coating, the initial drying crack resistance, dry time, alkali resistance, adhesive strength, resistance to temperature and humidity performance and diatoms and other ingredients; functional technical requirements include The humidity performance, formaldehyde adsorption properties, formaldehyde purifying effect lasting performance, anti-fungal and anti-5 performance indicators mold durability, etc; harmful substances required to detect volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene sum of free formaldehyde and soluble heavy metals. Application Status diatom mud. Diatom mud as a new type of environmentally friendly materials, in the form of mud is replacing wallpaper, paint and other traditional interior decoration materials, its production and use have great prospects for development. Japan long ago diatom mud has been used in the construction industry. In the 1960s, Japan supplies scholars began to conduct functional studies diatom mud, diatom mud soon as a new functional building material are widely used. In 1980, the study of environmentally friendly building materials concern environmental protection experts, diatom mud function once again scientists deepen the study, after selection and processing of mineral products diatoms used as a filter aid and adsorbent materials, used in food many areas of medicine, daily chemical, nuclear waste and sewage treatment, such as the production of beer filtration, water purification, medical injections and blood plasma filtration, beauty care products manufacturing and so on. Test methods and index.According to various architectural coatings, interior paint test method specified in the standard functions of the technical indicators at home and abroad, combined with interior decoration diatom mud wall material characteristics Technical indicators refer to the existing domestic and international testing methods and standards, finalized the present standard of the technical requirements and test methods. Diatoms ingredients.Diatom mud decorative wall material reason why the name diatom mud, diatom is because it must function as the main material, and thus comprise one diatom diatom mud decorative wall material must have the basic characteristics. Different manufacturers diatom mud formulations on the market vary, many of the components added to the quantitative analysis of the product a great deal of difficulty. The most commonly used quantitative analysis of diatom test methods are X-ray diffraction (XRD) phase analysis and chemical methods, when used diatom mud product analysis, testing error caused due to complex composition bigger. Several of the above quantitative analysis of the working group have carried out a large number of tests, not to draw reliable conclusions. Temperature and humidity resistance properties. Multi-cellular structures exist diatom mud coating, in the course of ongoing moisture absorption, desorption cycles, while the ambient temperature changes will also affect the pore structure, and thus have an impact on the life of the coating. Objective setting temperature and humidity-resistant performance is to investigate the diatom mud products subject to temperature and relative humidity after many changes, which affect performance and service life. Functional technical requirements.Diatom mud decorative wall material diatoms as the main functional materials, and therefore has specific properties, such as good moisture absorption and put wet, formaldehyde adsorption properties. Because diatom mud decorative wall material having a strong adsorption, water vapor is a good carrier, bacterial and mold growth is moisture conditions. In order to avoid long-term use of the product in question is easy to mildew, diatom mud wall material goods should be reduced by the addition of anti-bacterial mold mildew case material, so this performance standard in mold and mildew can be performed as a function durability index provisions. Diatom mud wall material has a good adsorption, not only on the ability of the adsorption of water vapor in the air, the smell in the air molecules has the same absorption features. This standard is currently selected in the home are more concerned about formaldehyde gas as a representative diatom mud adsorption capacity to detect harmful gas molecules. If only pure diatom mud after adsorption of formaldehyde molecules over time to reach saturation adsorption, adsorption of formaldehyde molecules could be desorbed overflow again cause harm to human health. Therefore, diatom mud wall material as an environmental health product requires a certain degree of purification, purification by adding functional materials, etc. to achieve in this standard indicators added formaldehyde purifying effect durability requirements. Diatom mud decorative wall material used in wet environments due to the coating process a large number of pores of the adsorption of water vapor, so easy to produce mold. As an environmentally healthy building materials and mold is necessary to achieve targets. Conclusion Diatom mud decorative wall material can effectively improve indoor air quality, beneficial to human health, with the introduction of industry standards, consumer awareness of products continues to increase, in order to regulate the market, it would also promote the healthy and orderly Rapid development. Compared to the traditional method of indoor air purification, air purification and diatom mud decorative material combination, with no energy, no secondary pollution, permanent purification, etc. and it is extremely suitable for hotels, guesthouses and the elderly, children and pets family. References 1. Cheng, Yue, and Lin He. Synthesis and Characterization of Nd-Doped ZSM-5 Zeolite from Diatom Mud. Key Engineering Materials. Vol. 727. Trans Tech Publications, 2017. 2. Anderson, John B., et al. Ross Sea paleo-ice sheet drainage and deglacial history during and since the LGM. Quaternary Science Reviews 100 (2014): 31-54. 3. Shi, Ce, et al. Effects of diatom concentration in prepared feeds on growth and energy budget of the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus (Selenka). Aquaculture Research 46.3 (2015): 609-617. 4. Cochero, Joaquà ­n, Magdalena Licursi, and Nora Gà ³mez. Changes in the epipelic diatom assemblage in nutrient rich streams due to the variations of simultaneous stressors. Limnologica-Ecology and Management of Inland Waters 51 (2015): 15-23. 5. Virtasalo, Joonas J., et al. Base of brackish-water mud as key regional stratigraphic marker of mid-Holocene marine flooding of the Baltic Sea Basin. Geo-Marine Letters 36.6 (2016): 445-456.

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Truth of a Free Spirit Essay -- Authors

Many writers apply experiences and thoughts into their work and express them in such a way the reader can relate. Critics would agree that Edgar Allan Poe left a unique mark as a short story writer. Author Ray Bradbury was quoted saying, â€Å"It doesn't matter what you do, so long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that's like you after you take your hands away†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Bradbury). Fiction writing was simple until Poe begins to put his twist around the world. During the terrible times that Edgar Allan Poe experienced as a young man would ultimately alter the history of short stories, he was unique and an extraordinary writer therefore exemplifying the mark that he leave upon society. In Poe’s early life, he goes through a devastating and tragic event as his mother dies and his biological father abandons him at the age of two leaving him as an orphan. Writer W.D. Johnson says, â€Å"Increased susceptibility to depression and anxiety is another result of the heightened stress levels associated with being an orphan. Typically, the younger the age of a child when orphaned and the longer he remains without a home, the more drastic the impact that his experiences as an orphan will have on his development† (Johnson). Poe’s adolescence seemed to be on a path destined for self-destruction following the Allan’s informal adoption of him at the age of two. Francis and John Allan, his foster parents, forced him to move away from his siblings in Boston to their home in Richmond, Virginia. From a young age, Poe lacked the stability of a fruitful environment for a boy to grow and mature into a man acceptable to society’s standards. Poe and his foster family moved to England in pursuit of business adventures fo... ...itical Essay)." symploke. University of Nebraska Press. 1999. HighBeam Research. 6 May. 2012 Page, K.. How Maslow. N.p., 2010. Web. 4 May 2012. . Schogol, Jeff. "Why was Edgar Allan Poe kicked out of West Point? ." Stars and Stripes. Stars and Stripes, Febr. Web. 4 May 2012. doctor/the-rumor-doctor-1.104348/why-was-edgar-allan-poe-kicked-out-of-west-point- 1.133805. "Year Without a Summer." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 June 2012. Web. 07 May 2012. Soon, Willie, and Steven Yaskell. "Year Without a Summer." Year Without a Summer. World Scientific Publishing Company, July 2001. Web. 07 May 2012.

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Bnl - When I Fall Poetry :: essays research papers

â€Å"When I fall† is a lyrical song written by Steven Page and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies. It is about a window washer who is at a critical moment in his life. The song is structured in such a way that a progression and transformation is seen in the window washers troubles from worrisome to life threatening. The window washer is the persona of the poem, and in the first stanza he expresses a fear. He is somewhere he doesn’t want to be and is scared. This is followed by the chorus of the song in which it is made clear that he wants to make a change in his life, but is afraid of failure. At this point the window washers troubles take on the form of deep mental anguish where he resorts to prayer and laments on the physically and mentally troubling aspects of his world. In the next stanza, the window washer comments on the prestige of the boardroom he looks into as he washes the windows. Here he addresses the change he wants to make in his life and states that he would like to swap places with the business men in the room. However, he realizes that this is impossible because they would never agree to lower themselves to the stature of a window washer. When he realizes this, his thoughts become radical and he contemplates suicide. By the end of the song however, he pulls himself together and realizes that what he does and who is does have some value in the world. All of this is brought to the reader by an abundant use of figurative language throughout the song. For Instance, the scaffold the man is standing on symbolizes his position in life (he is scared and wants to escape. In the third stanza, after describing the problems with his world and how he prays, he curses the windstorms. This is actually a metaphor for his mental confusion and despair. In the next stanza, the prestige of the boardroom is made evident by the allusion of it towards a pharoahs tomb. We know in the end that he has pulled it all together when he calls his â€Å"crystal clear canvas† (the windows) a â€Å"masterpiece† . He has given value to his work and thus, value to his life. The sonf has a definite rhyme scheme which lends itself well to the theme of the poem.

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World Population Essay -- Environment Populated Essays Papers

World Population Works Cited Not Included Population causes a heated debate among many people. The world's population has exceeded 6.5 billion and continues to increase about another 76 million each year. The three most populated countries are China, India, and the United States. Scientists have become worried that the population will double within the next 50 years, exceeding 12 billion people. With scarce natural resources and the strain that a doubling in population will cause on food availability, people become more wary about population control. What is population control? Population Control is the practice of limiting population increase, usually by reducing the birth rate ( The first country to adopt a population control policy was India, though that did not stop the country from passing the 1 billion mark. In 1952, 6.5 million rupees were made available to conduct studies in fertility and family planning (Samuel, 54). For the first five years (1952-1956), the Indian Government was not sure what to do with the information and the population continued to grow at a rate of two per cent per year. After 1962, the Indian Government decided to limit the size of families, yet did not have to put effort into persuading the people to favor the idea. However, the people lacked a serious motivation to limit their procreation (Samuel, 56). India's population continued to grow. Contraceptives were also introduced, yet even after the education of the people, they went unused. The women were not given a choice when it came to reproduction. The men did not want to use the contraceptives, and they could not be forced by their partners. It was said that without an improv ed standard of living and improved education, ... ...t. The United States can support its population, but is still having problems with pollution. The hungry can be fed, the poor can be clothed, but the pollution is still much higher that desirable. The issue becomes a question of availability of natural resources and food. The question becomes "How do we produce more for a growing population on less land with less available water?" Is it ethical to control population? Should the government of any country mandate contraceptives or limit the amount of children a family can have? Does this remove the agency of the people? Can people themselves be trusted with the agency of how often they can procreate and how they feed, shelter, and clothe their children? It seems as though if population goes unchecked, mankind will wring out every last drop the Earth has to offer. The question then becomes: "What will we do then?"

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Will lowering the drinking age solve the problem

Drinking on College Campuses Beer bongs, keg stands, and a million new drinks to discover, these are what college is all about. First-year students are introduced to a whole new world of parties that last until 3 a. m. and drinking beer for the usual breakfast. The week consists of concentrating on school for about 4 days of the week and partying 3 days. The money that was supposed to go towards books and gas to get home has been hoarded for the latest beer run or was used to get into the bar. This trend is getting into the habit of drinking as you enter college; it seems the two go hand in hand.It has become a rite of passage that weaved its way into the introduction of university life (National Institute, October 2002). Those students who never drank in high school seem to think drinking is suddenly okay when they start studying for their bachelor's degree. This addition of responsibility is then balanced by the act of partying. It seems completely absurd that students choose to dr ink while investing around $20,000 a year in school. It all starts at high school graduation. Drinking is suddenly endorsed, or protested less, by parents, coaches, adults, organizations, and businesses.When seniors in high school finally graduate, it is common for a party to be thrown in their honor. Some of these parties include alcohol, and we can be pretty sure it wasn't bought by the graduate unless they flunked a few times and are of legal age. Parents, other adults, and older friends supply the liquor and beer for the underage partiers. When the graduates make the next major step in their life and head for college, they are confronted with many opportunities to get hammered, sloshed, annihilated, drunk, inebriated, intoxicated, wasted, and totally smashed.Other college students re eager to help their young, new friends out by taking them for a trip to the liquor store. Since some bars are legal to those over the age of eighteen, it's not a problem getting served there either. The 21 year-olds are conveniently stamped for minors looking to spot a potential buyer. Since a minor isn't worried about getting served, the most apparent problem is getting to the bar. One setting of this national trend can be studied locally. At Buena Vista University, these same events occur, plus additional more specific examples.At BVU, thanks to student organizations and funding from the college, there is a free ide for all. The â€Å"drunk bus† is a means of transportation supplied by the university and Student Senate, an important organization on campus. This form of transportation is common on a variety ot campuses. Visitors ot The University ot Iowa can see they have buses run all day for classes, and they continue into the night to bring students to and from the bar. The driver at Iowa even sets up a disco ball and funky lights to make the ride more enjoyable for his late-night friends.The free ride is also a form of support for those consuming alcohol. Advertise ments for drinking are all over residence halls. The choice of wallpaper in many dorm rooms consists of beer boxes and fluorescent Budweiser lights. Beer and liquor bottles are a usual decoration in most dorms; theyre used as vases, piggy banks, candle holders, and candy dishes. Each time you walk by a dorm room, you see these things like a giant billboard in Times Square. For a student athlete, a game-winning shot could get him/her a free spirit at the local bar.Fans, bar owners, coaches, athletic directors, teammates, and parents have all been seen rewarding the athletes with toasts and celebration shots. These same oasts are given to college students on their birthdays, no matter how old they are. Fraternities and sororities also bring a drinking factor to colleges. They are known more commonly for their parties and ability to drink, than their community service and GPAs. Even though we don't have them on our campus, they are apparent at the majority of colleges and universities across America.The frats are known for their very popular gatherings where binge drinking is rewarded, and hardly anyone is sober. Sororities are known to attend these parties and Join in the festivities. Another factor that proves that college and drinking go hand in hand is the abrupt end of this behavior for most after college graduation. Most students buckle down for graduate school or the beginning of their career. This excessive drinking pattern does not continue. The tragedies occur when the drinking becomes out of hand.Some drinkers get into a habit of binge drinking. This has been defined as â€Å"drinking to get drunk† (Center for Science, March 2000). Binge drinking leads to passing out, blacking out, memory loss, and injury due to loss of mobility. Unusual and outrageous behavior can get you removed from your university. Even if a student doesn't normally act in mischievous ways, this behavior cannot be excused because of the influence of alcohol. Getting in troub le with the law goes on your public record.Around 11 percent of college student drinkers say they have damaged someone's property while drinking, and 5 percent of a college campus will be involved with the police or campus security due to drinking (A Snapshot of Annual High-Risk College Drinking Consequences, 2002). Other alcohol related charges include public intoxication, minor in possession, driving under the influence, operating while intoxicated, indecent exposure, resisting rrest, interference with official duties, assaulting an officer, and disorderly conduct.

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Is Corruption free India Possible? Essay

Even after 62 years of India’s independence, the plight of common man has worsened. Corrupt public servants, corrupt judges, corrupt police, etc are proving to be parasites leading 5-star lifestyles at taxpayer’s expense. They in their greed for money, bribe are aiding & abetting terrorists, separatists, naxalites, underworld mafia, etc covertly & overtly, backstabbing our motherland. These corrupt public servants are crueler than Jalianwallah Bagh butcher General Dyer of British army. If Mahatma Gandhi was alive today, he would have been disgusted with the present way of democratic government, functioning of public servants & would have died heart broken. If our freedom martyrs like sri.Bhagath Singh or Sri. Madan Lal Dingra or Sri.Subhash Chandra Bose would have been alive; they would have given a befitting reply to this corrupt police, corrupt judges, and public servants. Whenever, a common man raises his voice for justice, he is silenced in various ways by the criminal nexus. The said criminal nexus has previously tried to silence me in many ways including attempts to murder, closure of newspaper etc. We can when we develop our roads n infrastructure we can control lot. On the other hand we should have eye old vehicles which are polluting lot n share autos too. I dont think so becuase it requires a lot of political will to impose anti pollution laws. And this political will is what is absent. Mere laws wouldnt suffice in a country with an overflowing population as ours, what we need is strict†¦ I THINK COPPUPTION IS BIG PROBLEM IN GROWING COUNTRY I THINK WE ALL RESPONCEBLE FOR THIS BECAUSE WE ALL USE A SHORTCUT FOR OUR WORK WE KNOW IS THIS A WRONG WAY BUT WE CLOSE OUR EYES & AFTER WE ARE PART OF COPPUPTION PLEASE FRIENDS STOP THIS & SOPPERT SELF FOR A MADE OF BATTER INDIA, THANKS FRIENDS FOR SOPPURT INDIA (NAMASKAR) Essay Improper and usually unlawful conduct intended to secure a benefit for oneself or another. Its forms include bribery, extortion, and the misuse of inside information. It exists where there is community indifference or a  lack of enforcement policies. In societies with a culture of ritualized gift giving, the line between acceptable and unacceptable gifts is often hard to draw. The last two decades of the existence of independence, India has seen a steep upward trend in the graph of existing corruption. The media, the public, the variety of forums for discussions and debates for the higher intelligentsia are all neck deep buried in highlighting the rampant corruption in every sphere. In this debate the rural folk are also not far behind. These days they are also very well aware of the malpractices in the highest of levels of all places. So much so that now, the average Indian has reached the highest level of disgust and disappointment at the way things are moving in this country. Let us first of all understand what is meant by corruption and corrupt practices. In brief, anything that is below all standard norms of morality in a country, is called or defined as corruption and corrupt practices. These norms are a fixed standard in any given society, and when these are broken we say that, a society is getting corrupted. This corruption as we see it today is not a development that has come overnight, it has been a continuous process for the last several decades and, to – day it has seeped into the very blood stream of the system. What we have to study next is, why and how this monster of corruption has taken such a firm hold on India so much so that, the country of the legendary Harischandra, the honest has reached the position of one of the top ten or so of corrupt countries of the world. This is no mean achievement, and has taken a few decades to fructify. It is not that, corruption did not exist earlier, it is not that to – day there are no honest people, then why do we all yes, I say all feel that, corruption is rampant everywhere and all the time. This is because of the simple reason that this malady has spread through the entire length and breadth of our social fabric and gone down to the deepest levels. How has this come to be? Would be quite a pertinent question. The corrupt practices have now become our lifestyle to such an extent that, we do not seem to feel that there is anything wrong in what all we are doing., and that things should not be as they are. We, on the contrary are inclined to justify all wrong saying that, without doing wrong we cannot exist or be functional. When we start thinking that corruption is a must, then I feel that the situation has reached a point of no correction. This present apathy shows how far the degradation of  our values have reached, and how low the system has dipped. When we start justifying all the wrongs we do, it is the beginning of the end., as, we are not only doing wrong, we are at the same time thinking that it is correct, then where can the scope be for correction? It would be rather interesting to note and specify as to how this process of continuous degeneration started, for it is the root that grows into a magnum tree. It is thus of great value to know who put the seed that grew into this poisonous tree. In this connection, it is understand that, this degeneration started from the top echelons of society, and then percolated downwards, without a hurdle. Who is at the top or the apex of our society? It is the set of people who have all the power that is invested in them by, us the people. Now, it is for the goodwill of this top layer of society to give the country’s society the trend it deems fit. Now, this layer at the top has been the politician who rules the country, and to say that the seeds of India’s corruption were sown by this class of our society, which has been at the helm of affairs of the country and today they have brought us to this point of no return as far as corruption is concerned. Where are politicians like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, and above all, the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi? It appears that India has stopped producing men and women of such integrity. Perhapse the breed of such politicians and other men have stopped taking birth. Where is that erstwhile political party, the Indian National Congress, that loyally fought for the freedom of the country, where is the discipline to follow the clarion call of Mahatma Gandhi? All it seems to have been lost, and the same Congress that fought against foreign rule and ousted the foreigners is now all set to install a foreigner as the head of Independent India. What has all this come to, what can be the implications of a foreigner as the head of the state seem to be lost to this Congress which worked to oust the foreigners – what a degradation of values. Have we Indians lost all self respect that we ourselves invite a foreigner to rule us? I dareasay we have become so immune to all finer feelings that we do not mind doing anything as long as we meet our ends. All this is the ugliest face of the corruption in India. All our ethics, our self respect and love for our motherland is lost somewhere in the last fifty years. Today we are standing at the threshold of a new millennium with, the eerstwhile Indian National Congress and many other parties without a single leader of stature. What does this show that, in the span of more than century, Congress has failed to produce a single leader, leave alone a leader of the stature of Sardar Patel and the like. Today the sets of politicians of all political parties are just money spinning actors just working to establish estates for their seven generations. The vision of a great India in the yes of the freedom fighters has been lost somewhere in our move in the last fifty years. When the oldest political party, the Congress presents such a dismal picture of honesty loyalty and service, what can be said or expected from the other much younger political parties. They are all bound to follow the footsteps of this erstwhile conglomerate of greedy money spinning politicians. Today, all the new political parties are following the path tread by the elder brother, the Congress, resulting in a mushroom growth of political parties all of the set pattern with no goals, no ethics, no ideals and no ideologies. This level being the highest level of our society is seen to have become most corrupt in the last two decades and the public is very well aware of the multi-scam decades of the eighties and nineties. Now, the scenario at the very top, can hardly allow for any space for any honesty to persist in any other layer of society. So, from this topmost layer, corruption has percolated to all levels and in all spheres of activities, and all this sure enough because it suits the politician. The politician has encouraged the bureaucrat to be corrupt, and in turn the bureaucrat has enjoyed the protection of the politician, in all his nefarious activities. From the senior bureaucrat the virus of corruption has slowly and steadily seemed down to the lowest levels of functionaries. This has become a totally corrupt and incorrigible institution. The Indian society in all its entirety is corrupt to the core, and now corruption is like a drug, without which the addict finds it difficult to survive. With this slow and steady and continuous spread of the fangs of corruption, today the situation is such that, there is no place or activity which is bereft of the fruits of corruption. Now, corruption has become our way of life and to uproot it is a Herculean task. The tentacles of corruption can be dealt with only with an iron hand, and above all, must start cleaning from the top echelons of society. However, as we have seen umpteen times, this does not happen. Our experience shows that, as soon as a big name is involved in any corruption case, there is a lot of hullabulloo for some time, and it all dies down with  the passage of time and the corruption continues unabated. How does this happen? This is very obvious for all those who have to be at the clearing end are bought, so, no damage can ever come to the so called high ups. This is the main reason why there is never any breakthrough in any scam. In this situation it will be a wonder if anything tangible can really be achieved for, the high ups cannot be touched, and the lower formations need not be touched – so we remain where we were at the beginning of any case. The scams which have come to light in last one decade have amounted to multi – crores, they are being dealt with but, it is so shocking that no politician has yet been punished for siphoning off so much of wealth of a poor country, what can be expected in a country when its protectors themselves become criminals. When the senior can not be punished how can there be any cleaning at the bottom. It would not even be fair to punish the lower rungs of the ladder when the higher rungs continue to bask in the sunshine of their riches. The way in which these cases are being dealt with clearly indicate that no one will be hurt as, all those, yes all those who matter are involved in corruption. So, at present, the situation is of â€Å"who will bell the cat?† Everyone knows who the corrupt are but, the irony of our system is such that no one can be touched. If this situation remains any longer, it is a wonder if there could be any light at the end of the tunnel. India is reaping what it has sown, and the seed of corruption has grown up into a full size magnum tree which perhapse cannot be changed, replaced or cut. It appears thus that for the time being at least, we have to bear with it. Only God can do some magic. Irrespective of the status of the wrong doer everyone, big or small, high or low, must be dealt with an iron hand, and that also at a fast speed. What is the use of just a show of dealings against corruption, while in reality all cases are just quietly shelved banking on the fact that, public memory is very short. All these cases are just a farce into which now, the Indian public an not be very easily fooled. At present there is no remedy for this tragic situation we are in, except pray to God that, HE gives unto us a dictator who is capable enough to deal with this ogre of corruption with a strong hand or else it appears that we are doomed to drown in the deepest depths of corruption and that, we will soon find it impossible to come out of the labarynth knit around us by our own men – yes our own men. Corruption in India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Political corruption in India is a major concern.[1] A 2005 study done by Transparency International (TI) in India found that more than 50% of the people had firsthand experience of paying bribe or peddling influence to get a job done in a public office.[1] Taxes and bribes are common between state borders; Transparency International estimates that truckers pay annually US$5 billion in bribes.[2] For 2010, India was ranked 87th of 178th countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, which was a huge setback from the preceding year. Criminalization of Indian politics is a problem.[3][4] In July 2008 The Washington Post reported that nearly a fourth of the 540 Indian Parliament members faced criminal charges, â€Å"including human trafficking, immigration rackets, embezzlement, rape and even murder†.

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H&M Apparel Chains

Apart from Spain’s Zara, the Swedish retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) differentiates itself from most apparel chains for its idiom â€Å"treat fashion as if it were perishable produce. † In Europe, H&M is considered to be an industry leader because it offers the â€Å"on-trend† look at an extremely lower price. In 2000, it decided to begin to establish a predatory marketing strategy of expansion within the US. The strengths of H&M are that it is a well-known company worldwide; it responds quickly to trends, particularly in its similarities to haute couture and the catwalk within a turnaround cycle speed of 3 weeks; and it is recognized for its incredibly low prices on trendy, seasonal apparel. The weaknesses of H&M are that it is relatively unknown in the States; it has yet to distinguish and set itself apart from inexpensive American apparel chains; and its goods are not high-quality. Primary Problem: Flawed Marketing Research The absence of a definitive marketing strategy is of primary concern. With benefit of hindsight, some deficiencies in H&M’s research design merited attention. It was geared towards the simple idea of expansion rather than establishing genuine market presence. Because it tried to expand too quickly, it imprudently purchased outlets too big and in poor locations, instead of building up its presence more slowly and carefully. H&M believed no competition could ever be more on-trend and more fashionable than they. However, H&M showed the fallacy of attempting growth beyond immediate capabilities in a growth-at-any-cost mindset. The rationale for embracing great growth is that it needed to run with the ball if it were to ever get that rare opportunity to suddenly double or triple sales. But there are times when a slower, more controlled growth is prudent. Secondary Problem: External Factors Apparently, it did not learn from Benetton’s past mistakes. For example, it too had tried to establish a strong presence in the US and had failed. Similarly, The Gap, a US company, also tried to further expand but choked because of the numerous retailers with their offshore resources being able to knock off current fashions much more quickly and competing favorably. Discount stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target, have big boxes in the suburbs also with offshore facilities enabling them to offer current fashion at low prices. This means that even if H&M is first to introduce the fashions, within weeks the competition could offer similar merchandise. In addition to obvious competitors, H&M did not underscore or create enough attention to its prospective customers of its distinguishing characteristics. Certainly, it recognized the importance of the dyadic relationship by hiring salespeople with similar characteristics to their customers. But it still was not effective in communicating its formula. Recommended Solutions 1. Instead of just wholly owned subsidiaries, H&M could enter into a joint venture with an American department store to at least build some presence and recognition. Licensing is a fairly low-risk method for entering into a joint venture. An example of this sort of arrangement would be what Guess has with Macy’s stores. Although H&M may have given up most of the profits, this would be a prudent manner in expanding its recognition throughout the US. H&M should still own and operate facilities in the US where it is more urban and less surrounded by discount stores. . The symbolic value of H&M needs to be underscored either through an advertisement campaign or celebrity endorsements. Although celebrities demand big bucks, the endorsements are worth the price if done in moderation and with the best of the best. Obviously, H&M recognized this in 2007 when it contracted with Madonna to do commercials and magazine advertisements. Of course, the effectiveness of these methods is difficult to measure but as long as the communication is remembered, recognized, or recalled, this will instill further presence in H&M’s goal of expansion.

Analysis of National and Cultural Stereotypes

Academic English for Business and Management Compare and contrast the two articles, making clear your criteria for comparison. To what extent do these articles show that national and cultural stereotypes are no longer a useful way of examining the human condition and economic activity? Choose an element in the articles which you find interesting and explain your reaction to it by giving examples from your own experience. Your full name: Binjie He Word count: 1152 As the development of globalization, world becomes smaller and smaller.People who lived with each other become closer. Meanwhile, international trade is booming, and products could be bought in supermarkets from almost every area in the world. As a result, national and cultural stereotypes attract more attentions than ever before. This essay will compare and contrast two articles, â€Å"East meets west† (Yong, 2009) and â€Å"International Communication† (Piller, 2011), discuss the two authors’ opinions towards national and cultural stereotypes and present my own opinion from personal experience.However, before the discussion I will summarize the similarities and differences based on their type, audience, tone, structure, focus and the attitude to stereotypes. The final section will give an example of Haier, China. My aim is to eliminate people’s misunderstanding of stereotypes. There are two similarities according to the two articles. Firstly, both the two articles describe different reactions of people belonging to the same situation from different countries through examples.Secondly, both of them admit that the mindsets of people are different from various areas, and offer evidences for national and cultural stereotypes. As well as the above-mentioned similarities, there are several differences. At first, the types of these articles are various. Yong’s is an article, while Piller’s is a textbook. Next, the audiences of Yong’s are general public and in terested amateurs. On the contrary, Piller’s are students and academics. In terms of the tone, Yong appeared to be a professor, while Piller spoke as a friend of the audiences. What’s more, Yong states the opular notions and his own opinion at the beginning of the article. He cites several experiments which supported popular stereotypes, then recent research is used to prove his opinion in the body, and a conclusion of his view is presented at the end of the article. Piller’s structure differs from Yong’s in that Piller gives an overview of the article at first, positive and negative examples are enumerated in the middle, and finally key points of the article are clearly listed. Moreover, the focuses of these articles are different. Except stereotypes, Yong emphasizes much on psychology.Conversely, Piller pays more attention on business, especially advertising. What’s interesting is that Yong opposed to stereotypes, which is different from Piller. The comparison of the two articles have been clear, and it will be vital to discuss to what extent do these articles show that national and cultural stereotypes can contribute to the human condition and economic activity. Yong doesn’t agree with stereotypes in his article. He argues the popular stereotypes that easterners and westerners have distinct world views are far too simplistic.There are pieces of research he conducted as follows. First of all, Yong agrees it is the contexts that evoke people’s mindset rather than history. Then, he suggests â€Å"while the psychology of westerners may be superficially distinct from easterners, when social isolation is an issue there is little difference between the two† (Yong, 2009, p. 34). It is indicated in Trey Hedden’s research that east Asians used the same brain areas with Americans when working harder, and people had to think harder to perform tasks outside their cultural comfort zone.Which was also found by Hedden is that it’s easy to flip between different modes of thinking in people with roots in more than one culture (Yong, 2009). It is generally said that easterners have a holistic world view and westerners are more analytical, while Yong reveals â€Å"we are all capable of both analytic and holistic thought† (Yong, 2009, p. 35). Greatly various from Yong, Piller argues that the stereotypes in advertising should be better utilized. She believes the use of language other than the national one is the key means to achieve intercultural commodification rather in branding and promotion.The most significant she stated is that although the commercial use of English rarely connoted an ethno-cultural stereotype, the use of other languages can connote stereotypes, which is beneficial for advertising. In the same way, the using of exotic languages in brands and advertising is popular in China. One of the examples is Chinese famous major appliances brand Haier. The company only had a Chinese name at its first stage. As the development of business, it entitled an English name of ‘Haier’, which is a word does not function linguistically in English but the pronunciation of it is similar to its Chinese name.What’s more, it seemed modern and international to the customers and easy for them to distinguish it from all the national brands at that time. It is also the first step to be an international enterprise to Haier. After that, the brand Haier was gradually accepted in and abroad. Up to now, Haier has been providing customers with high quality products for 27 years and is the number one brand of Major Appliances in the world with 7. 8% retail volume share in 2011. It also ranks number one for several of its product ranges including refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances and electric wine cellars.As a forerunner in the industry, Haier emphasize much on customers’ needs and innovation. Since different people will have vario us requirements to the same appliance, what is the most important is satisfying the needs of local customers. Their global presence allows Haier to localise their production and build high-quality products tailored to local needs. Such examples about language using in brands and advertising are too numerous to mention one by one. Another element that I interested in is cultural differences’ relationship to logic, which apparent obviously in China.Logic is based on education and culture. â€Å"Harmony† is our traditional mindset which is taught at their early ages. That’s why Chinese always try to find a middle ground between two opposing positions to avoid conflicts. That’s why most Chinese students assessed the situation from both sides and try to reconcile the differences between mothers and daughters, while Americans are tend to inclined to reject one proposition for the other (Yong, 2009). Owing to this mindset, Chinese are afraid to be different from others.They want to be the â€Å"middle† people, who are neither the first, nor the last. In conclusion, I agree with the two authors’ opinions in these articles. As far as I am concerned, we should avoid racism because there are few differences between easterners and westerners. It is hoped that national and cultural stereotypes could be used on a positive way. In recent days, numberless examples of the using of languages in brands and advertising could be seen everywhere. What we should not ignore is that numerous of exotic languages benefit advertising a lot if sed properly and accurately. In my opinion, if an English name was used in brands or advertising, people could distinguish it from other national brands easily, and an international stereotype could also functional well. Finally, people’s logic is greatly based on their education and culture. It is the â€Å"harmony† education in China that makes Chinese ‘middle’ people. References Piller, I. (2011) ‘Intercultural Communication for sale’ in Intercultural Communication: A Critical Introduction. Edinburgh University Press Yong, E. (2009) ‘East meets west’ New Scientist March 2009 issue