Friday, October 18, 2019

Introduction to Human Resource Management Essay - 1

Introduction to Human Resource Management - Essay Example that employee-related laws were followed, and that all staff members were following the company’s policies and procedures (Cafà © Co Case Study, 2009). Also, the company’s hard HRM approach made the HR manager less of a director of HR but more of a policy-maker to make sure employees followed the company rules and regulations. Allen (2007) also describes the soft HRM approach which deals with issues of human behaviour, making sure that people are led rather than managed, are communicated with effectively and are motivated by leadership. The soft HRM approach views staff members are being important to meeting strategic goals and should be treated as valuable assets to achieving what the company wants to accomplish. One aspect of the Harvard model of HR outlines that people should be given rewards for their support to meeting goals (HRM Guide, 2007). After the review of Cafà © Co HR policies, this approach was undertaken with performance management systems and attempts to increase pay. The HR manager role, now as a member of the Board, already has a difficult time trying to improve existing HR policy at the company. Being in such a high position does not give Kim first-hand access to in-store employee behaviours, skills and abilities, therefore the line manager must take on this role in order to provide fair and accurate employee assessments. One HR expert offers that in order to have a good HR policy, line managers should â€Å"interview job applicants, provide training, carry out disciplinary procedures, and provide performance ratings† (Kleiman, 2007). Because there is already such a high turnover rate at Cafà © Co due to HR being unable to perform these tasks, it is both logical and benefitting to the business to have line managers take on these responsibilities since they are the regular point of contact for in-store staff activities, skills and behaviours. Kim simply cannot do this with her busy job role. Ulrich’s first role is being a strategic partner,

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