Tuesday, August 13, 2019

E-commerce and Information Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

E-commerce and Information Systems - Essay Example The sampled secondary data retrieved from the E-commerce and information systems scholarly journals were then analyzed using a number of the formulated research hypothesis, which is used to weigh the qualitative agreement or disagreement of the retrieved scholarly journals on E-commerce and information system matters. The results from the research analyzes are used to draw inferences drawn from the hypothetical juxtaposition of the scholarly argument and concurrence on the interaction between E-commerce and information systems together with the impact of the postulated interaction of a business as a whole. These inferences are then used to reaffirms or refutes the thesis about the functional correlation between E-commerce and information systems. The inferences are also intended to reaffirm or refute the research position of an information systems dependent E-commerce (Wymer & Regan 2011, p 27). Finally, the inferences are used to establish the level of advancement of information sys tems employed in e-commerce, which in turn determines their safety or vulnerability to exploitation for malicious damage of a business. The research addresses the question of the functional correlation between e-commerce and information system as a novelty subject in business management and marketing (Grand, Mykytyn & Nascob, 2011, p 18). It also provides a hypothetical framework for research in e-commerce and information system in the context of organizational management and marketing. Wymer, S. and Regan, E. A., 2011.  

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