Thursday, August 8, 2019

Desire2learn (D2L) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Desire2learn (D2L) - Essay Example Current data is converted according to the new system and transferred into the new database. This phase will further facilitate any additional feature is required by the user of the system (Anonymous, 2007). Even after intense analysis during system development and implementation there is a change of some feature might have been left out. The importance of these requests should be analyzed carefully to make any decisions to implement the changes instantly or to record them for future development. This activity will be performed occasionally to check the system in an operational environment. A representative from all the relevant departments will submit progress reports to discuss about the project status, problem reports (if required) and one technical specifications report after the end of the testing phase. The following reports must be submitted within the mentioned period: Staff in all of the departments are co-operating with the TUI team in order to transfer of data, information about data requirements, establishment of new policy procedures, application support, information about working procedures, etc. Steering Committee members should meet at the beginning of the project implementation and every quarter hereafter. This will assure that all stakeholders are agreed with the outcome of the project (Anonymous, 2007). As we all know that implementation is the key process of the analyzing phase of the software. Planners are assisted with planning software for the implementation of the projects. Project Desk planning software is an option to difficult planning tools. Project Desk reduces overfed unnecessary complications and entirely eliminates the requirements to install and manage hard to understand, implement and maintain project management tools.  Its benefits include cost effectiveness, team management, no specific hardware requirement, enhanced communication and free technical

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