Monday, July 29, 2019

Extra credit Human resources development Assignment

Extra credit Human resources development - Assignment Example Therefore, it can be safely inferred that certain methods of recruitment are superior to others due to a variety of reasons. The power of the internet can be emphasized by the fact that it has found widespread application in nearly all aspects of human lives. From grocery shopping to international import/exports, the usefulness of the internet cannot be denied. The aspect of online recruiting is one of these, and it seems that internet has to a great extent molded the face of modern recruiting activities. The process of shortlisting the candidates has greatly been simplified as seen in the selection process of very famous firms like Coopers & Lybrand where one-fourth of the applicants are eliminated during the initial process of selection online (College Press Service, 1997). The HR management teams identify a number of parameters for which the applicants have to be tested. Once this is done, it becomes possible to conduct the test online and manage the selection of eligible candidates (Vecchio, 1996). Another important benefit of using the online recruitment systems is the widespread availability and accessibility of internet. This has removed the concept of international borders to some extent as employers are free to hire capable individuals from all around the globe for the specific job at hand. Similarly, in the virtual world, nearly everyone is able to promote and sell his/her skills online, and employers have the choice of limiting their selection to the most appropriate employee. One of the negative aspects of internet recruiting is the fact that for the demanding jobs on the internet, HR managements of companies are flooded with applications once a job is advertised, this makes it impossible for humans to manage such huge amounts of data thereby making it possible for computers or softwares to replace humans in the future. A number of legal issues are likely to arise as the practice of internet recruiting is

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